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I just started a New Job!


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Yesterday, 19:53
Apr 16, 2018
Hello everyone;

I started a new job. Right off the back I noticed that the job was a bit unorganized but I always approach things thinkings how can I help the people around improve and what I can do to help. Is it just me or does this happen to you guys but people seem to just not to fond of me. Which I am learning to not care but it not like I do care but I equate job stability with the ability of being able to get along with others. I know must be over thinking this but what is your take when you first start a job. Do you ever like truly fit in or is ever liked by others. Are you jumping from one job to another?


think again losers
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Today, 09:23
Mar 17, 2011
I tend to fit in.

There is a boundary I tend not to cross where I end up embroiled in politics, but outside of that, I'll usually make friends with the people I want as friends etc.

What's the job?

Sapphire Harp

Well-Known Member
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Yesterday, 17:53
Nov 6, 2008
When I irk people at work, it's usually by perceiving something I believe could be better and then communicating that to someone who takes offense. Very often, a suggestion to make a change is understood as an assertion of superiority. It's common for such ideas to be understood as directly personal judgments on other people.
Usually, for me, it feels like those kind of ideas are impersonal. Tasks could be done one way, or they could be done another way. Possibly faster. But, changes are frustrating and stressful if you're the one doing them. It's something to keep in mind before idly speculating about 'improvements'.
It's also possible to make a suggestion that runs against the someone's vested interests. Interest which may have a rational, irrational, or emotional basis.
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