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Incident of 2018-08-13


A Master From Germany
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Today, 07:15
Jul 8, 2007
Where The Snakes Are
We went down again for reasons unknown, some glitch. Sadly we are restored to the 9th, although the hosts of the lord did their damnedest to restore to the 12th. They have been working remarkably.

Tomorrow, they will do more work; but if this post disappears I will replace it.

This has been a great struggle. To commemorate it here is Katyusha. Can be set to 1080p even.

And sung by Fabrika no less.

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Today, 16:15
Dec 28, 2013
Nice, now I'm glad even that the site went down. I now have a new source of Russian listening material. I only caught a few words from the song so didn't grasp the meaning but it's a good way to reinforce what I know so I can build on that.
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