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Today, 07:28
Jan 17, 2019
Hello Everyone,

I'm not really certain how much to include here but I suppose that the TLDR version is that I'm an INTP according to several MBTI assessments and that I had a pretty dull and unfulfilling life comprised of choices based on fear and self-loathing that lead to a nervous breakdown and hospitalization about a month ago. Resulting in a shiny diagnosis of Bipolar and Schyzotypal Personality Disorders. I also like electronics, programming, astronomy, physics, meditation and so much more that I feel I'll never have time to learn.

Hope to interact with many of you here. - A Lune


Village Idiot
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Today, 06:28
Oct 21, 2014
beyond space and time
No worries, people get all butthurt when you dissagree with them, or push your around so they don't have to be the ones with the disorder.

I can relate, and honestly I've found it's best to just give your last fuck, and just be your self. Then just focus on the people who like you and treat you well.

Plenty of geniuses around the forum that you can learn from regarding the topics you're interested in.


drown the wabbithole
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Today, 16:28
Aug 14, 2013
Hey human! Well, what else do you like?

And of greater import: What music dost thou love!?


Think.. Be... ..buzz buzz :)
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Today, 22:28
Dec 7, 2014
Lots of stress huh? I was hospitalized too once, could relate.



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Today, 06:28
Dec 15, 2018
Resulting in a shiny diagnosis of Bipolar and Schyzotypal Personality Disorders
Eh, don't let that bother you. Diagnosises are only for giving other practitioners "the jist" of what kinds of problems and/or symptoms you struggle with. Sometimes putting belief into a diagnosis is way more detrimental for yourself than simply treating it as though you are revising an essay (rather, the "essay" in this case would be your life). Other times diagnosises give people catharsis. Often, they're wrong. At times they're not. Whichever, if something doesn't feel right to you, trust that feeling. That may be the wrong advise because I don't know you...but as someone whose had a few different health issues throughout the years, I've found that when something doesn't make complete sense to me or doesn't "click," it's not the right treatment/medication/diagnosis. And don't put your complete faith into anyone/thing, because they're not you. All actions and behaviors aren't necessarily rational, but the reasoning behind them is never irrational. There's no such thing, because there's always acute reasons for why we function and behave the way we do. So just be smart, keep on your toes, and don't take anything too seriously. Now I'm rambling...
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