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language classes at universities


doesnt approve of your life choices
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Today, 00:13
Apr 12, 2014
the fence
Im curious as to what sort of experiences others have had with university language classes. I signed up for a german class this semester and after two classes I realized I was paying to teach myself german and get almost zero practice using it. Since I had already taught myself a second language I expecting uni classes to actually be an improvement, but we were drilled on grammar for first 3 weeks, and barley did any speaking exercises.
In short im pissed I just payed 500$ for five class periods to drop, Im hoping others have had better experiences and that uni language classes are not for idiots with no self discipline whom cannot teach themselves a language with the far superior internet resources.


think again losers
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Today, 14:43
Mar 17, 2011
The main advantage of university for pure learning is that it enforces structure. If you don't need that, you should seriously question what you're paying them for. University works better for most people, but it's largely not worth the money unless you successfully improve your job prospects.

Most people don't have the discipline or motivation to learn things autonomously. If you do, that's fantastic, but you're an outlier.
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