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Microtonal Music


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Today, 19:48
Nov 21, 2013
someplace windswept
So with microtonal music being all the rage among the late adopting hipsters I figured I might share some I enjoyed.

This guy is great, check his other stuff if you like this.

What constitutes microtonal music is quite relative, as the pitch changes may be subtle or extreme. In the example above pitch is changed to enhance western harmony for certain intervals while sacrificing some of others. Which interestingly enough allows the composer to create a piece with more satisfying consonance than standard tunings.

This is another example of using microtones to complement the familiar tuning, most of the shifts sound out of tune but not too much, it's a good first encounter with microtonal music.

This is a wilder departure from familiar sounds.

Why use microtones? There are many answers to this question, significantly new combinations of tones provide new possibilities for evoking emotions, atmospheres or extending the creative range of a composer. Think of how limiting it is that a great majority of known music relies on only 12 tones. Why not allow for more intervals or shift the existing ones?

Share any microtonal stuff here.


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Today, 10:48
Jan 24, 2012
Pretty cool, I'll look more into it.

Rolling Cattle

no backbone
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Today, 13:48
Jan 24, 2018
The Juhan Puhm guy sounds like he's using just intonations. I was looking for some good examples like this, thanks for sharing.

I didn't mind the music from this artist:

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