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Military ???


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Yesterday, 19:52
Oct 7, 2016
I am in need of advice.
I have had heavy disdain towards the idea of going to college straight out of high-school; I don't know why. I believe it's an ideology that I have always let inhabit my brain that colleges are dirty, money hungry companies, constantly abusing the current state of society in which education is valued for advancement of economic status...
Anyways, I currently am considering joining a military branch straight out of highschool, so as to mature myself and subject myself to harsh environments and criticism, which as of right now I am lacking. What are your thoughts? Any INTPs out there who have ever served; did you gain much from the military?
I kinda have this perfect idea in which I join the military for a few years, and (given that I probably will survive) could leave with a couple of really good ideas for books and maybe will have already started writing them... idk. Tell me if I'm being dumb... but I think it's an environment I would really like, just being alone writing down my thoughts for 4 or 6 years.... but then again I might go insane... idk... help please....


think again losers
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Today, 10:22
Mar 17, 2011
The people I know who've joined the military have had pretty crazy variance in outcomes.

Some anecdotes:

One who might be described as INTP, was in some sort of elite force, and then finished up and became a programmer. Nice guy. Another, who I met once as a child then met over a decade later, recently was in court for allegedly killing a prostitute (and from the things he told me about his sexual practices, this wouldn't surprise me).

So I think it's fair to say it depends on the individual. Are you someone that will be honed by military discipline, or will you become less human? Whatever the case, this is a life-changing decision, it's good to see you're taking it seriously.


INTP 5w4 Iconoclast
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Yesterday, 20:52
Mar 16, 2010
Upstate NY, USA, Earth
I served in the US Navy for 4 years.

If you're an INTP I'd think long and hard before you join an SJ/traditionalist duty-oriented CULT ... which ALL branches of the US military operate as-if.
The air force had an R&D branch back in the 80's when I worked with an air force officer at Rome Air Development center.

Given other options BETTER for an INTP -- look for them -- I'd warn any/every INTP to avoid a very SJ/traditionalist hierarchy which can oppress the hell of your SPIRIT and make you long for the liberties you never noticed you had as a civilian UNTIL you signed them ALL away by enlisting.

While stationed at a naval comm station in Australia an asshole in charge of a working party for which I had been volunteered tied it all together for me.
I had said something indicating my lack of enthusiasm for this task assigned me without my consent: "You don't have to like it, you just have to do it."

If you're cool with the statutory CONSENT implicate in compulsory mis-education -- or anything else compulsory, now that I think about it -- as implemented in US public schools and are willing to grant blanket coverage of CONSENT for the next N years of your life, then sign right up.
But remember, if you're `not in the mood' at any time on your N-year `date' and express a disinterest in `putting out' as per orders to `do your duty' you CAN be court marshaled for insubordination.

As the general rule, none of the branches of the military have much use for theoreticians outside of ENTJs attempting to apply theory to strategy and logistics. Though they will accept your INTP theoretical ass as a Warm Body and put you to work doing DUTY better suited for an SP, SJ, or beast of burden.

If you want something to compare the military with, think back to apartheid South Africa with it's 3-class system; there it was whites, coloreds, and blacks; in the Navy when I was in it was Officers, Warrant Officers, and Enlisted ... all of which cannot legally `fraternize' with each other as per apartheid.

Think about it ... "What OTHER -- if not BETTER -- options might I have?"


Worlds creator
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Today, 03:52
May 26, 2015
I don't think "maturing" is worth spending years of your time in the hell that is called army, you will probably mature anyway and if not so what?
This is akin to wanting to be stronger by asking a gang of people to beat the crap out of you.. for 3 years, every day.
As alternative it will be better to be an homeless, the same life conditions(probably better food), you will still have your freedom and you will gain life survival skills.
If you worry to miss out dealing with bureaucracy and people bullshit, don't worry you will find plenty in your local big corporation, which you could at least easily quit.
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