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Physics - cognitive functions from my perspective

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Today, 06:19
Sep 11, 2013
I have some more thoughts, mostly assumptions.

I realized, that physics is mostly about informational metabolism and I try to understand the Thinking role.

What is physics? First you do an experiment, to measure how our environment changes in some conditions. So from what noticed, most experimental physicists in my university are Si or Se types (with some addition of Ne) [dominant or secondary]. Sensing functions are all about acquiring data and types with these functions have good predisposition for doing experiments.
Ne can be interested in experiments because of checking what will happen if I do something differently

After you have data you can find a theory, which is what's between these numbers? so it's definitely intuition stuff to see some trends and find new one. Some theorist even don't really understand what they do, they are skilled in math and they apply it to data.

At this point I have no idea what Thinking can be applied to... Since it's decision making function, it's not about research or finding something new, it's about figuring out what is logical connections between events, usually it's called understanding. With understanding a system you can predict what will happen next, but it's the same like introverted intuition... So I really can't find the unique role for Thinking,

maybe you guys can help?


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Yesterday, 23:19
Apr 4, 2010

My labels currently are:
Te - empiricism
Ti - intellectualization

Both are logic but Te emphasizes external workable logic (ISTJ sherlock holmes). Ti I think you said is more in the head and gave me the idea for the word "intellectualization".

So "physics" is not much for Introverted thinking unless they can think of all the possibilities (INTP) before they do experiments. Te will record all experiments mentally and put them into one giant theory why all the experiments are working together as they do. Ti wants to theorize directly so they predict the experiments before they happen but find little fun confirming them.


Fi – meaning.
Se – aesthetics.
Ni – knowing.
Te – empirical.


Fe – community.
Si – Impressions.
Ne – projections.
Ti – intellectualizing.
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