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Aug 14, 2010


You'd like me to explain why I think it's innapropiate, sets a poor example, encourages you to avoid addressing a problem or flaw in perception of reality you have, makes me angry? You want to hear why it's a problem for me?

You're not going to tell me you're a fan of that whore Kim Kardashian and you like Miley Cyrus's music, are you?
I might start listening to their music now that I realize you have a problem with it. Purely out of spite. Even if I had been listening, so what? What makes it relevant to this imaginary problem of yours?

I have values about self/others, beliefs in the effect stuff like that has (more like facts, patterns aren't difficult to see) and I believe it's our duty to guide the young away from destructive paths. (have you seen the fucking world lately? Maybe you don't give a damn about that stuff, that's your prerogative and i'm not going to demand you change like i'm some manic egotistical moron. Doing stuff which has a clearly a negative impact all around though, that is going to affect me and what I stand for, so, with or against Yeti, I don't care, if you want to butt heads for any reason, i don't care, when I said hostile environment and childhood/life I wasn't kidding, and i'm not exactly in desperate need of proving my abilities or wanting to)
I made a joke about how the OP of that thread seemed kind of creepy, though the jokes connection may not have been obvious. How, exactly, did it have a negative impact on the young people of our society?

Also by ignoring or turning a blind eye to it, when it seems there's an issue you're not addressing, would mean you wouldn't think twice about it, continue doing it and in all realities, can easily develop into something worse.
Like I said, I don't exactly know you, but I know what's right and wrong.
I also know it's incredibly difficult for me to see a problem and not deal with/solve or point out. No i'm not mother fucking Teresa, i'm just me. If you'd rather me not point out a problem because you feel insulted or judged, be serious. I have no interest in acting like that. I'm 29, not some teenage kid with an anger problem who feels brave behind his desk aka keyboard warrior.
Firstly, Mother Teresa wasn't a good person. Secondly, you still haven't explained how I did anything wrong.

There are a bunch of reasons why it's a problem in general, for me, for you. I just listed most of them.
... Nope. Not one reason.

Enough is enough though, i've played along, and "You still didn't explain your problem with it. Until you do, I plan on putting it back up." is childish as HELL, do you really not see that? Seriously.
Frankly, I don't care. I gave you more respect than you deserved. I thought that something I said might have been legitimately offensive, but the more I think about it, the less I can figure out what it was. You're doing a piss-poor job of explaining it, so I'm done giving a shit. I think you're just one of those assholes who thinks other people should act certain ways to save the feelings of people who shouldn't be upset about the situation in the first place. Well, frankly, fuck you.

If you're trying to play domination/mind games, you're better off finding someone stupid, gullible or weak, because i'm a lot of things, but none of those.
I'm not trying to play games, I was sincerely curious how I may have done something wrong. Your lack of reasons is making me spiteful. I can't even see where you've attempted to specify any problem, and you said you've listen them. I went out of my way and worked counter to my sense of what was right to appease you because I thought I may have missed something, but it ends up you're just a bitch who thinks being offended by something means more than it really does. You have the right be offended, that's fine. If silly bullshit offends you, it's your problem, though, not mine.

Oh, If you're going to buy into the whole INTP>INFP thing, and try to be cleverfuck about it, well I can't speak for every other INFP because i only just found out today, but me, I know me, and regardless of what most other INFPs are like, I can without a doubt, tell you, you can't out argue me, outsmart me, can't intimidate me and a whole bunch of other things. You can waste my time with stunts like this, which is starting to piss me off, but that's it.
Oh fuck you, I haven't pulled any "stunts" until you sent me this PM. I don't care what type you are, I don't care what type I am, I only care that you don't become a huge bitch because someone asks you why they should do you a favor that's contrary to their sense of fair play! I didn't even know what type you were until you just told me.

Tell me to fuck off if you like for the "you're not dealing with a problem if it's ignored". I actually don't have any right to do that, but I did because I can, because I feel it's better to have said than ignored regardless of how you may of reacted.
Don't give me shit though for caring, because I trying to integrate this INF thing, and if you get in the way of that by knocking Fi, that's as good as trying to control me.
I'll give you as much shit as I like, but I plan on stopping outside of this thread. I do not, nor have I ever, knocked Fi. Some of the best people I know are Fi, as long as they've developed into a mature adult, which I don't believe you have, or else you wouldn't try to convince me to censor myself due to these vast misconceptions and logical disconnects of yours.

... blah blah.... (paraphrasing)
Use your brain Yeti.
Please do the same. Peace.

This time I'm for real, who wants to post pictures of their cleave?

(Disclaimer; Ladies, please keep your shirts on. This is out of spite, I don't actually want anything rated higher than PG-13.)



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Apr 3, 2009

I have no idea what's going on.
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