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School using MBTI and RIASEC to improve learning and career prospects?


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Today, 02:14
Sep 26, 2016
The school wants to use these tests to predict learning styles and create reward/ punishment systems that are effective for each individual type- among other things such as ideal future career paths. I was hoping the data gathered by the beta testers could be used for research purposes and, if successful, could be used to encourage other schools to modify there learning styles. However, I am also aware that there will be some controversy within both the educational and psychological spheres based on the accuracy of the results and whether they may be valid for both parties ( To combat this the school will be taking the tests multiple times and the results will be published anonymously to avoid social pressures dictating answers- although some will still believe the results invalid).
Furthermore, some students/ parents may feel that the application of typology may be limiting them to the preferences of there type ( despite that we will do what we can to prevent this misconception, i don't believe it will be entirely accepted by some people- regardless of the reassurance).
As a result of these factors, i was hoping if some wouldn't mind contributing there opinions/ critiquing the methods used to further the accuracy of the research and identify controversy i may have missed.

Thanks :)


think again losers
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Today, 10:44
Mar 17, 2011
Why measure type when you can just ask people what they're rewarded by? What's wrong with just implementing a simple token economy to achieve the same ends?

If early education is about helping people achieve the skills they need to achieve whatever they want to achieve once they're mature enough to know what that is, how does having them commit to a particular self-conception help them at this stage?

If typology prejudice is real in adults, what's to stop it happening in the playground?

MBTI is not taken seriously by the psychological community. You would need a real solid empirical backing to implement anything like this - even in using more accepted models. Your good intentions and faith in its veracity should not dictate policy for children. That would be as bad as religious indoctrination.

When you say learning styles, what do you mean? Because that's considered mostly bunk too.

Taking the test multiple times rarely helps, as people are driven to be consistent with themselves, meaning they try to answer the same every time.

I feel as if, if you're asking for criticisms on forums, you probably lack the background to implement this on live subjects. These are children we're talking about. You shouldn't let your enthusiasm for your typology hobby impact their education. Education and development are complex. If it weren't, why the hell would the education system still suck so very badly? By categorising children like this you're telling them what their self-concept should be, rather than letting it arise organically from who they genuinely are.

And as Tannhauser said, you'll need to supply the methods if you want us to evaluate them.
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