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Selective Mutism


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Today, 10:27
Jan 3, 2014
Anyone here know anything about it? Dealt with anyone with it or had it yourself?

My daughter is 4 years old and we're finding out hard and fast that she has a full blown case of it and it's progressively getting worse. We're scared to death and the treatment or evaluations take months to get.


Team Ignorant
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Today, 07:27
Jan 8, 2013
US of A
My nephew is in therapy because he does not speak. I don't know that it was diagnosed as Selective Mutism. Have you tried sign language to help supplement any speech issues? Is there an inability to articulate words or a auditory processing disorder causeing an inability to understand? What kind of encouragement does your daughter receive from various people and even friends?
Are there specific times or conditions in which your daughter seems to get worse?

I can ask my sister to see what tips she might have. I had heard it said that that age group does really well learning when sign language is used. I guess it depends more if it a problem caused by anxiety or speech issues but I suppose one can cause the other though I am not certain which may have come first.


a bearded robocop
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Today, 11:27
May 3, 2012
How is it progressively getting worse? I had it and it disappeared abruptly at age 6 or 7.
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