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Yesterday, 20:04
Dec 12, 2009
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is both incredibly grounded, at times feeling like a military sim, but also delves into the supernatural but never so far as to ruin your military sim immersion which for me at least gave the impression that all the supernatural stuff that occurs could be explained away as hallucinations or Snake misremembering things due to the physical and mental trauma he endured.

I really like that as a concept, say for example there's a character following you through a game who apparently has two forms, one being a human with fox ears and the other an actual fox (this isn't from MGS3) you never see these two forms at the same time but the similarities in how they behave suggest they're two forms of the same character. You can at any point you encounter this character choose to shoot them, if you shoot the fox you just have a dead fox, if you shoot the human you can loot the body and find a set of fake fox ears. Maybe this character was a mythological kitsune pretending to be a human, maybe it was a human pretending to be a fox, you'll never know, but if you go through the game tolerating their tricks maybe they help you somehow in the final boss fight or maybe you get a different endgame cutscene.

I feel like this is right somehow, like if something is supernatural you shouldn't be able to scrutinize it and so you can never really be sure whether or not it actually exists, does anyone have any ideas? You don't need to explain how it's possible so much as why it can't be scrutinized, like being attacked by a giant underwater something but you never really see what it is and after the fact there's no proof that the attack even happened at all. Or a character who keeps getting apparently killed but in ways where you can't really confirm that they died and each time you see them their tattoo of a cat with nine tails has one less tail and when asked what happened in the earlier scene they say they escaped or faked it or got better without specifying how.


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Today, 01:04
Apr 4, 2010
Dandelion field
I was having blackouts. My niece suddenly appeared 6 feet left of me. When I went to the Hospital I was seeing code. On the walls and floors. I thought I was in a computer. Things repeated as the server crashed and a save point uploaded composite memories. The building is old but modern. Updates happen all the time. Barricaded doors. Adjusted hardware. Removals of windows. Thing is that it is in slow motion as a building. But I saw these are permanent gate barriers. Unmodifiable from the inside.

I was in a computer like Maze Runner, Marooned in real-time. I tried packet injections but survival meant stabilization. Temperature, constant restlessness, hours passing. Go sit get up go again. Nothing I did helped. I was being broken down. The cooler right above my bed. Somehow I got 5 blankets. Imagine being in bed all day fully awake because It was hard to function.

The antipsychotics made me lucid dream on full throttle. Way too fast. It was half a video game/fractal. I met people who went to places. It tried to patch things. Too cold for meal intake. Too cold for leaving the bed.

They did executive functioning at the front desk snaping binders information for permanent storage. the movie A Few Good Men reminds me of how the military computerized during the last have century. Snake is not as Scifi as people think. (Computer operation Plausible Deniability)
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