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Short stories that illustrate the cognitive functions


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Yesterday, 16:29
Jun 16, 2013
I'm working on a project at work and I need to teach the cognitive functions using short stories that illustrate them in use. Most of the info I find on the web goes something like "Ni does this, Ne looks like this." I don't want information or facts or concepts or linear comparisons, I want real life (or fictional) stories that show a particular cognitive function's approach, or the interplay between different functions' approaches. Ideally, I'm looking for the length to be a paragraph or up to a few paragraphs long.

So, for example, one story I'm using is of my brother Isaac's mostly unfortunate encounter with calculus during his last year of high school math. Up until his senior year he had always excelled at math. The first day of calculus his teacher informed the class that he believed that the way the students would best learn math wasn't by being told how to do it. Instead, he would provide them with the raw tools and concepts, and allow the students to work out the formulas themselves. Isaac struggled throughout the year, barely passing each quarter. The year was winding down and it was the day of the final. Isaac knew that he was set up to fail--he didn't understand how to do any of the problems. He went to see his teacher the morning before school and pleaded with him to just spend 20 minutes giving him all the formulas he needed. The teacher complied and later that day Isaac took the final and got 95% on it. The teacher was blown away and Isaac declared to him, "I just disproved your learning theory today." The teacher replied, 'I don't believe that you could have known nothing this morning. You must have known more than you were letting on.'

The idea is for people to read the stories and then try to identify which cognitive functions are at play.
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