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Should I first go for the interview or music promotion for my new music?

Mecha N

Local time
Tomorrow, 01:51
Mar 17, 2019
Hey everyone! I've just created my own music and was hoping to promote it. I've found several websites or persons who are promoting it and are also providing copyrights things, but strangely I found someone who was providing me the interview thing as well.

what should i do? Will these things work for my music to become hit or not?

P.S. - I know this is a silly question, but still as an amateur, I am hoping to promote my music in a minimum budget and can get good response on it. So far, I found the above one relevant. Will be very pleased, if you can suggest me someone else as well.


Prolific Member
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Today, 13:21
Jan 24, 2012
Go for the interview, then you can do promotions later. Your post is kind of hard to understand, as English is probably your second language. Could you post examples of your music by the way, just to aid with context?

An interview never really hurts but then again, it depends on who it's with so that you could tell if you're wasting your time or not. The promotions can provide you more hits. Good luck, never forget the power of networking, particularly in music circles no matter what facet of music you work in.
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