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STALKER in a fantasy setting


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Dec 12, 2009

I really like the idea of an antagonist that pits the protagonist against their own motivations and the only way to overcome this antagonist is for the protagonist to overcome their own motivations, to destroy themselves.

It would be like making Batman (easy go-to character) go back in time and shoot his own parents and admit to himself that he is insane, that there's nothing noble about what he is, that he would rather kill his own parents than not be the Batman. Thus he would become a hollow thing, the embodiment of his ideals but the man himself is gone, Bruce Wayne is dead, the concept of the Batman is all that remains and it possesses willpower that is as endless as it is irrational.

After becoming this thing a subjective reality warping demon would be unable to affect him, it can't do anything worse to him than he's already done to himself, it can't attack his motivations because they're gone, his drive is wholly irrational, uncompromising, endless, for a psychic demon staring into the mind of this thing would be like staring into the void itself or a maybe a black hole, it's not like this thing wants to kill you it's just inherently lethal, coming your way and as irrefutable as gravity.

This could be any protagonist, Batman is just an easy example because everybody knows the character and his motivations, mainly because they repeat the backstory with every movie :rolleyes:
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