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Star Wars dream


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Today 12:50 AM
Dec 12, 2009
I watched this youtube video last night about why Darth Bane wouldn't have blown up Alderaan and didn't think much of it at the time, it was the last video before I went to bed.

That night I dreamed of an aristocrat/scholar on Coruscant who studies the now extinct Sith order, Darth Bane in particular. He secretly fancies himself a Sith lord despite lacking any force sensitivity or combat skills. His collection of Sith artifacts attracts the attention of a Jedi who arrives Padawan in tow. The Jedi is convinced that he is an actual Sith lord and just hiding his force presence somehow.

The first swing just barely misses, our guy cries out incredulously "You would strike down an unarmed man in cold blood!?!" the second swing, the killing blow, is blocked by the Padawan. The Jedi reasons with her "Better to risk killing one innocent man than risk allowing a Sith lord to live" to which she retorts "how many innocents must die until you're sure you've got them all?". The supposed Sith lord manages to retrieve a communications device and calls for private security, with the situation spiraling out of control the Jedi goes to leave but his Padawan does not follow, he tells her to and she flips him off.

That's where the dream ended (I experienced it from a director's pov) and had it continued I believe the scholar and Padawan would left Coruscant on his ship and through a series of events they would eventually have an incredibly idiosyncratic master/apprentice relationship.

Edit: You may have noticed the title was "Darth Zannah", this afternoon I did some reading on Darth Bane and discovered his apprentice who somewhat fits the character from my dream and I was going to make a comparison of the two but in the retelling of the story I decided otherwise, that any similarity was just coincidental.


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Today 7:50 PM
Feb 3, 2012
Sounds like a start of a good fanfic Cog.
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