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terre thaemlitz - INFJ?


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Today, 22:51
Dec 4, 2010

strikes me as INFJ. deep theoretical reasoning Ni, with a pull of actuality and realness Se. he's very much about integrating theory with experience and seeks theoretical closure in the external; a prime expression of the supremacy of Ni over Se and the central characteristic of Ni-dominance neurosis namely confirmation bias (where awareness of reality is reduced to a vessel for abstraction). he seems to have an active aversion to the redeeming sheen of nostalgia (Si) as well as to detached speculation (Ne).

he has an accomplished Fe use (cunning, smooth) coupled with feeble introspective awareness (Fi) of the complexes that seem to drive his obsessive-compulsive and likely hypocritical theorizing and scrutiny. if he was an INTJ his Te-Fi axis would compel him to stop compensating/boasting (Fi) and get grounded (Te). instead his Fe-Ti is satisfied being something of a charismatic (Fe) quack ((Ni-)Ti).

i'm not sure about the gender identity, maybe he's a trans female so bear with my potentially erroneous or offensive pronouns.
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