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Yesterday 5:53 PM
Dec 12, 2009
This thread is a venue for asking peculiar questions like:
How do I seamlessly replace a section of carpet?
What common household cleaning products can I use to make piranha solution?
Where can I buy unused oil barrels without leaving a paper trail?

I'm kidding, most of you already know these things.
Seriously though this is a thread for odd questions that wouldn't justify an entire thread of their own.

For example I once wanted to know how a car's engine runs at an RPM that doesn't directly correspond to the speed of the car because I wanted to take the same principle and apply it to a motor in a robot arm so I could have more momentary torque available by having the motor constantly running at full speed and only pulling kinetic energy from it when needed, this lead to a deep dive into gearboxes, torque converters, CVTs, etc. In the end it was a complete waste of time.

Perhaps if we pool our vast archives of obscure knowledge we can answer each other's odd questions or at very least point each other in the right direction so finding the answers doesn't take as long.


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Yesterday 11:53 PM
Oct 7, 2021
'How do I pee neatly and ethically if I'm on a Kayak or Canoe or when Camping or on Roadtrips?'

Most nature ethics say don't pee within 25 feet of any water source, lake, river or ocean, its not good for the fish, or people and pee likely also has caffiene, prescription drugs, bacteria, viral, etc, but its not healthy to pee in or near water. Try to go at least 25 feet away or further.

If you are on a boat, kayak, canoe, or just on a road trip or camping, one option if you don't feel right about peeing in the water, is to save two empty Tropicana orange juice bottles. Use the empty one to pee in and fill the other with warm soapy water for washing hands with. The warm soapy water is extra helpful if you are also stopping for roadside picnics since you are not dependant on a public restroom for washing now.


Men would use the Tropicana bottle and Women would use the purple container then pour into the tropicana bottle and tighten the cap. Most bottles including most hospital styles leak, but the tropicana will NOT spill when lid is on tight.

Pointy end goes to the back:

Now, because I've tried every type of female urinal and they are not all well designed, I've found that this style really works, ie, no spillage. If you don't want to be exposed to other peoples germs in public toilets, this works well. Also, carry a clear plastic tote (it keeps sand, water and dirt out of your bag) and inside that, a canvas bag with your items.

The double bags will just look like a purse. Now you can travel, and not be exposed to public restrooms, just rinse, and repeat. Empty contents into a toilet at the end and now, you are helping keep your environment safer and not exposing yourself to viruses.

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