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This site interests me


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Today, 09:32
Jun 1, 2013
Long ago I read a book about Myers Briggs and then I became obsessed. Once I found out what I was, I used it on everyone around me. I soon developed the ability to read people's types pretty accurately and quickly. I loved it. I had my ex-wife take the test and found that she was an ESFJ. According to the original book my perfect type - later I found it to be completely wrong. I learned that you can't always believe what you read from that one (chuckle).

In my single days after that I began to use my preceptive ability on dates then let them read their profiles afterwards. It was a pretty cool little trick. I was once asked if I was in the CIA. After many failed relationships and after doing a lot of research I found that my perfect type was the ESFP. So, if was beginning a relationship with a woman that wasn't that I didn't expect much but after my first folly I saught one. I found her and she has been my perfect compliment.

My interest in this site is to see if all INTP's think like I do. I have never met another - I only had email conversations with one before and I thought that was pretty interesting. I don't think I fall into the typical INTP though from what I have read.


Senior Executive Lab Monkey
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Today, 08:32
Mar 12, 2012
i'm a prize in a cereal box near you, so buy, BUY,
welcome to the forum take a seat at one of our many lovely corners, and whatever you do don't make eye/physical contact with anyone


Magos Biologis
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Today, 16:32
Feb 3, 2012
Welcome Determination :)

I believe that INTP's come in different flavors of weird. You'll like it in here :D
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