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Trying to find answers to known more about myself.


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Today, 16:02
Oct 5, 2018
Hi guys!

I "struggle" for years to find answers about my personality. I want to understand what my personality is. Also I want to improve myself much as possible. 4 years ago I lost everything what I had. Since then it was like a rollercoaster. Allot did change. Good things and bad things.

After I lost everything I did get very depressed and I developed a social anxiety. (Thinking that people don't like me and everyone is a bad person. I hated to go outside and doing things like buying groceries was very hard for me. And I did avoid busy places with to much people)

Eventually a burnout and sleeping disorders.

At the lowest point it did get enough of this and started to look for answers how I could change my life.

I started experiencing with magic mushrooms. This opened my mind and i used this often to change my way of thinking and to relieve myself from being depressed and burrned out.

after few months I did changed to a better version of me. No more negative thinking, everything starting to look logical and I developed a strong understanding how to make my life better. 80% from my depression and anxiety problems did go away in short time.

I believe that I did never solved these problems without magic mushrooms.

In 2015 I did get better and better. I started to see who I really am and i researched for many hours about my personality. I did personally test and the outcome was INTP. I didn't believe this. And did more tests to see what my personality really is.

Evertime the result was INTP. I discussed this with some friends and only reaction I get was "this is bullshit" or "these tests are fake"

I did read alot about INTP and I did known that allot of free online tests are fake or are made to satisfy people. But I believe deeply this must be true. Allot of information about INTP make so much sense. This is me.

I leave this for what it was because no one believed me.

May this year I did have a official ADHD test. The outcome was ADD and I did get medication for this.

I still believe I'm a INTP and would like to improve myself and change my mindset for hudge success. (I'm a business owner) and want to unlock my full potential as a INTP.

Telling my story about this to other INTP's is my first step to clear my mind. I think and hope you guys understand my better then people in my enviroment. I felt always understood.

I would like to know which INTP member here is also a business owner. This is very interesting.

So who is here a business owner?

I'm also curious If someone here is Dutch to! I don't know no other INTP'S.

What was your first thought after you find out you're a INTP and what did your friends and family say and think about this?

When you have any good advice or anything about being a INTP. Please let me known!

Any questions? Ask if you like!

*it feels really good to write this done. Such a relief!*

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Today, 15:02
Aug 20, 2016
There are lots of different INTPs here, business owners, Dutch, depression, psychedelic users, ADHD diagnoses, etc., but the question is if they'll come out of the shadows or not.

The best advice I can give for someone wanting to better understand their personality in the Jungian paradigm is to learn the archetypes via the Beebe model: http://www.erictb.info/archetypes.html
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