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VW beetle/bug/kewer/volla/buggy/rustmobile


orkeste in die kosmos
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Today, 11:44
Aug 14, 2013
Hey..... if yer ever owned any pre 1980 VW this thread might be for ye. Tell us bout yer bug or van/kombi or beetlebug. Human.... if oil ever is to be depleted we may as well deplete it as fast as posssible in non plastic and ever functioning mobiles going to the groves or peaks or strands. Even if only for da benefit of yunger ones, telll us what ye bought, fixed 'n saw in older strata guzzlers.


Prolific Member
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Today, 01:44
Jan 24, 2012
A similar bug was my second car and it got good gas mileage, it was like five bucks for ~150-200 miles. If you get hit though you'd probably be dead. Those things crumble like cans. You'd need a newer car or a truck to get the most safety but they can guzzle gasoline and oil more than normal cars. So you want a post contemporary vehicle that's more electric and green. It's mostly for the environment but you can still get classics for heavy looks and style. It's like a gun. I'd opt for one of the "newer" lasers. They're making it so if you don't have a way of defending yourself you could get in trouble.
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