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What do you think of MBTI archeytypes as rpg roles?


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Today, 10:10
Jan 4, 2016
Hi INTPs! I'm new in this forum but I want to share some of my ideas so you may possibly help me in discovering this. This are my ideas for now.

For introversion and extroversion:

Introverts have more penetration and is more efficient.
Extroverts have more critical chance and has more abilities.

Extroverted Perceivers are resistant. For example damage dealt is 500, your damage resistance is 75% and your max hp is 500. So this would be:
TotalDamage = ((YourHP) - ((DamageDealt) x (YourDamageResistance) x (0.01)))
= 500 - (500 x 75 x 0.01)
= 500 - (500 x 0.75)
= 500 - 375
TotalDamage = 125 (this how I think the damage resistance formula hoho)

Introverted Perceivers are kinda tough because they totally deflect damage that is in the range of their barrier's capacity of taking damage. Deflection means it totally deflects all damage or simply it acts as a barrier.
8 cognitive functions as roles:
enable = removes disabling abilities

Ti = Assassin or Survivor(extreme single target damage that makes death almost inevitable)
Fe = Support or Heal Spammer(Healing/enable/buff all allies and ensuring all of teams survival)
Fi = Savior or Jesus-like (Fend of death by extreme single target healing/enable/buff almost assures safety)
Te = Commander or Summoner (Battle Initiator that has AoE Damage/Disable)

Ne = Caster (uncontainable magical energies, uses magic to spam and regenerates more mana as the caster hp drains, resists harmful magical attacks)
Se = Warrior (fighting machine that spams physical abilities, regenerates more hp as the warrior health diminishes, resists harmful physical attacks)
Ni = Psychic (uses extreme intelligence and wait for the perfect time to strike. Deflects harmful magical attacks. Restores mana completely when out of combat)
Si = Guardian (uses practical intelligence and wait for the perfect time to strike. Deflects harmful physical attacks. Restores hp completely when out of combat.)

So an INTP would be:
1. Assassin > Caster would be the generic one
2. Guardian and Healer for those with well developed Si and Fe

So I made some generalizations of roles:
a. Ne and Se = spammers and good with IxxJs beside. Ne is good in fighting off casters like itself. Se is good for fighting warriors like itself. They have much more utility and they can easily escape.
b. Si and Ni = The tanky ones. Si is good in tanking physical fights. Ni is good in tanking fights with too much casters. They have much more efficient abilities and excels in trapping enemies though Si uses practical knowledge and Ni uses profound ideas.
c. Ti and Te = The damagers. Ti focuses many of his/her abilities in single target. Te focuses his/her abilities on many targets. Although, Ti could extend it's ability's aoe if he/she developed his/her Ne/Se. Te's damage could also be more focused if Ni/Si is developed.
d. Fe and Fi = The healers. Fi focuses many of his/her abilities on one target to fend off death especially on dire and unexpected situations. Fe focuses his/her abilities on many allies to ensure everyone is safe and protected or simply "the more the merrier."

Perceivers and Judgers

Perceivers like ENTP, ESFP or ISTP have lesser cooldowns but is less efficient. More effective in survival. That's why they improvise on most situations.
Judgers like ISFJ, INTJ and ENFJ have longer cooldowns but is more efficient. More effective in planning. That's why they find always for the right timing.
Introverts have slightly higher cooldowns than extroverts' abilities but is more efficient. Extroverts have lesser cooldowns but have higher chances to critically hit.

So the most effective but with high cooldown are: ISTJ, ISFJ, INTJ, INFJ
The average cooldowns would be: INTP, INFP, ISTP, ISFP, ESFJ, ESTJ, ENFJ, ENTJ
The fastest cooldowns and survivors would be: ENTP, ENFP, ESTP, ESFP

So my theory would be "The lesser the cooldown, the less efficient but high chances of critical hits. The higher the cooldown, the more efficient but highly penetrates."

Introverts are less likely to be controlled due to their thinking before acting and less likely to control.
Extroverts are more likely to be controlled due to their acting before thinking and more likely to control.
Perceivers are less likely to be controlled, but they can't easily control other people.
Judgers are more likely to be controlled, but they can easily manipulate other people.

The uncontrollable ones would be: INTP, ISTP, INFP, ISFP
The average ones would be: ISFJ, ISTJ, INTJ, INFJ, ENTP, ENFP, ESFP, ESTP
The control freaks (great manipulators) and easily controlled are: ESFJ, ENFJ, ESTJ, ENTJ

What do you think? This isn't still finished and I just want more opinions to hear. There's a lot more going into my head but I am not so sure


guud languager
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Yesterday, 21:10
Sep 25, 2008
Yeah, it's been discussed before. Like here:

Is this just purely speculative, like mapping a particular individual into RPGs via their MBTI?
It seems like a purely academic exercise, considering how you don't typically need to play a character that is a "best fit" with your MBTI.
Not that there's anything wrong with academic exercises. ;)

But the thing is that functions can map into any kind of class. An Ne fighter will fight differently than a Te one (or Si one for that matter), probably. But they are still all fighters; it's just their approach is changed by their function preferences.


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Today, 03:10
Nov 21, 2013
someplace windswept
I don't get what's the point of this.

If you are making a generic hack n' slash what's the use of mbti in there? It's not like you need it, it's still going to be a generic slasher with mbti terms slapped on it.
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