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What If


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Yesterday, 22:11
Dec 12, 2009
Creative writing thread, post a brief "what if" scenario and the next person has to write a short story about it (minimum 1000 words) alternatively they can write about any previously posted "what if", and if you write a story don't forget to add a "what if" of your own.

What if modern medicine was centuries behind everything else in the modern day?

What if birds could talk?

What if gravity was subjective?


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Today, 10:11
Jul 9, 2018
on your eyes
Not exactly the world if birds could talk, but rather how I imagine their conversations actually go (fewer than 1000 words, but you'll see why):
<- looks like the poster of Vinz for La Haine

'I heard someone crying out in that grain field south west of here'
'The one with that awful human?'
'Then I'm sure it was only a trick'
'Believe me, I fell for it too at first. He's just trying to mess with your head'
'I suppose so'
'Think about it. He just doesn't want you to eat his crops'
'He is indeed a plump human'
'Indeed he is. Too plump to catch a raven'
'Well, he's certainly clever. I'll give him that'
'Oh, I'm awfully sorry no one warned you about him. It was all a bit chaotic when you were away. How about we all band together later and have our revenge?'
'I don't know. Do you reckon he's spoken to that one out east?'
'He will have done'
'Alas, he's probably as tired of our manoeuvres as we are of his'
'I'm sure we'll be able to think of something devious'
'Well, I don't want to'
'Hate breeds hate'
'But he already hates us'
'He'll forget about us if we leave him alone, though. I don't feel like asking for trouble anymore'
'I'm glad you understand'
'I do understand, but then I can just picture his smug, salmony face when he thinks he's outsmarted us'
'An odious look indeed, but his face merely serves to amplify our rage. All the more reason to stop before it goes too far'
'How could it possibly go too far? There'll be a whole murder of us and he'll be but one plump primate. You worry far too much.'
'What if he has a gun?'
'A what?'
'You'd agree with me if you knew what a gun was'
'But he can't have a “gun”
or surely he'd have used it already rather than employing such ridiculous tricks'
'You agreed he was clever'
'I'd put that level of intelligence beyond a human, though. Don't come if you don't want to but we're going to go and torment that man. We'll probably shit on his car'


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Aug 15, 2013
wrong thread
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