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Recent content by Gather_Wanderer

  1. Would God Ponder Meaning of his Existence?

    No because God has always existed. We on this lower plane live in space and in time, which were created together. But God does not. He does not have an originator. He lives in a dimension above us: an eternal realm where there is no concept of time and space. The question is important for...
  2. Theoretical Physicist

    I'm in the middle of an astrophysics PhD (Dark Matter, Theory). Others have said what I would tell you already so I won't say much more. But I'll add that I would never recommend this path if your primarily motivated by financial gains (not saying you are)...or even if you feel obligated simply...
  3. INTPs, what's your socionics type?

    Dude I learned so much about typology from studying some of the things you researched that its a little weird seeing you take a test like this. I mean I don't care either way and you can do whatever you want, you're an open-minded guy. Still though. I believed u teecher. Now I have no...
  4. Do you even lift?

    Don't intend to criticize your thinking here but why do you think your body has some aversion to putting on muscle? I only say this because I was a pretty scrawny fellow myself for most of my life until a year or two after high school. I initially started lifting alone, then eventually with a...
  5. Favorite Car

    I'm currently working towards buying a Dodge Viper. Although inspired by the original Shelby Cobra, the Dodge Viper is unique car in the sports car world, especially today. Several Vipers have set production car track records around the world, some of which stand today. Loud, curvaceous, widest...
  6. Time/Theory

    I've thought about this before as well. If the present is continuous and the past is a projection of this continuum, we wouldn't know when the past has changed along with the continuous present.
  7. Time/Theory

    I'd also be interested. I too have been thinking a lot recently about the "arrow of time" which many assumptions in physics are based on. I think this is incorrect as well as the idea that there is any real instant in time. The past and the future together form a continuous present...And the...
  8. The Random Thoughts Thread

    Vacuum cleaners suck. Hospitals don't suck, they are buildings. Maybe some people in hospitals suck, like nurses. They do in some adult movies.
  9. The Random Thoughts Thread

    Interesting thought. I've tried to do this with music. I'll hear an amazing piece for the first time and try to stay away from it a while but I inevitably end up playing it back even more times and the initial euphoria wears off.
  10. Absence from the forum

    I just remembered this thread today. I'm definitely one that takes absences from the forum and have numerous times over the years. I checked back in recently because I wanted to see what some of you folks thought about the presidential election and debates. After Hillary wins the next...
  11. I should indicate when I take my periodic absences from the forum because I've done it quite a...

    I should indicate when I take my periodic absences from the forum because I've done it quite a bit over the years. I may take a brief one soon.
  12. Funny vids

    One of my favorite games. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8b8nsgU7CT8
  13. The Random Thoughts Thread

    Sitting in the middle of a lecture of a Nobel laureate, who by the way is in his eighties, I noticed there are a few students in here who chuckle amongst themselves whenever he makes a mistake. This has happened throughout the course. Little shits. The fact that he's still sharp enough to...
  14. The Random Thoughts Thread

    Dinosaurs were not killed by asteroids. They were murdered. By Lizard people. David icke is not a Lizard people. He is a cannibalistic dinosaur who sold the dinosaurs out to the lizard people. Proof of this was destroyed in the bombing of tower 7 on 9/11. If you hold up a triangle over...
  15. My webcomic is on its way!

    Cool. I'll definitely check it out when you're ready and done.
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