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  1. peoplesuck

    Have we screwed ourselves over with mass vaccinations?

    The koolaid is safe, drink the koolaid
  2. peoplesuck

    Women freak me out

    I think im finally heading off. This forum has been invaluable for me. The people here have taken the place of normal friends and family. Everyone here, hate me or like me, has helped me mature into someone I would much rather be, than who I was when I first joined. Just look at the name of this...
  3. peoplesuck

    Dark thoughts

    The problem with that attitude, is that it doesnt work well. I naturally would choose to use brute force too, but in most cases, diplomacy actually works better. People create a lawless zone, call it chaz, people who think they are doing good come along, little do they know, there are some real...
  4. peoplesuck

    The Random Thoughts Thread

  5. peoplesuck

    Two Paths to Utopia

    Norwegian prison systems of rehabilitation work better than the U.S punishment method. Fix the leak, and keep shoveling water out of the boat. the problem seems to be massive amounts of human greed/evil. when your prison is a business, well... Ideally you would have a society where people are...
  6. peoplesuck

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    How do we cure cancer? hell if I know, but you could do some real good shit, by simply not choosing to come in contact with carcinogens on a daily basis, and not choosing to be zapped with microwaves constantly. You could also stop acting like a germaphobe, really, you dont have to bleach things...
  7. peoplesuck

    Should we make excuses?

    People are just a conglomeration of coping mechanisms with feelings. We are all a bit damaged, in our own little ways. Nobody chooses their damage, I suppose you have to make the decision based on your moral compass.
  8. peoplesuck

    Personal view on the riots

    https://www.newyorkupstate.com/albany/2018/01/nxivm_cult_albany_dalai_lama.html the dahlia lama is a materialistic, sadistic psychopath. The irony of that should create a black hole, or some sort of cosmic collapse. y'all remember the good old days, before we existed... Its really quite...
  9. peoplesuck

    Absence from the forum

    At its best, this forum is like a weird friend you never expect much from, but they end up being genuinely decent and expanding your views, helping you mature. At its worst, the forum is a cesspit. hopefully all of the older users head out, on their own adventures, and new users can repopulate...
  10. peoplesuck

    What songs are you listening to? /III/

  11. peoplesuck

    What songs are you listening to? /III/

    Some gentle, good vibes.
  12. peoplesuck

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    sort of unbelievable things are this way, and how easily our ability to find out, could be taken.
  13. peoplesuck

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    neurolink, because its faster to make a robot army, when all you need to do is put the chip in, and its ready to go, Bypassing all of that pesky factory building, and designing.
  14. peoplesuck

    What songs are you listening to? /III/

  15. peoplesuck

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    When I was younger I never understood why censorship was such a big issue. I never understood why people should be allowed to carry guns. I thought I knew how evil people were. One chapter of 1984 and the last few weeks changed all of that. Im glad I spent the time learning how engines work...
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