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The Cycle of Life and Death


Condescending Bastard
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Yesterday, 13:54
Dec 12, 2009

Technological life extension is the only way to break the cycle, being a better person is a wonderful goal but as long as the cycle continues every utopia that rises will fall, every brick we lay will turn to dust, every child born will also grow old, die, and be forgotten.

But what of the meaninglessness of life you might ask, to which my response is: what of it?

A finite life is meaningless, yes, but it is only made meaningless by the death of whom it has meaning to, but if that person is going to live forever then everything they do will be forever meaningful.

I call that the true life.
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Today, 02:54
Oct 1, 2018
sometimes i wonder, when humankind reaches immortality, and it's prescribed as a paracetamol or an ibuprofeno, they'll think of us like we think of the people who died because of black death
i guess they'll have their own problems by then too, like living forever in a room, locked inside a machine that's unable to open doors.


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Yesterday, 18:54
Apr 4, 2010

Future superintelligent AI will be able to reconstruct a model of the personality of a person who lived in the past based on informational traces. This could be regarded as some form of immortality if this AI also solves the problem of personal identity in a copy-friendly way. A person who is currently alive could invest now in passive self-recording and active self-description to facilitate such reconstruction. In this article, we analyze informational-theoretical relationships between the human mind, its traces, and its future model; based on this analysis, we suggest the instruments to most cost-effectively collect quality data about a person for future resurrection. These guidelines form a “digital immortality protocol”. Digital immortality is plan C for achieving immortality, after plan A, life extension, and plan B, cryonics.

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