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  • Indeed. I am totally unlike anyone you've ever interacted with. I'm like that outside of this realm as well, although I doubt any inference about what I'm like based solely upon my postings here would be particularly accurate.

    To answer your message from about a month ago (sorry I was gone), I compose music in a couple different genres and I hope to put out a CD later this year or maybe next. What I hope to get into is combining music from different cultures with some ambient and modern styles. At the moment, however, I don't have enough of the ambient sounds to do much with that. Because of that, most of the music I compose now is for piano or small groups of instruments.
    Actually, none of them! Well except Amadeus, although I stopped watching halfway cos I was bored of it :/
    Ok well any other recommendations man don't hold back - I'm in one of those movie watching modes as well.
    I can't say I've analysed the ideas in Waking Life all that intensely. I just enjoy listening to the people talk so randomly and enthusiastically about intellectual topics. Interesting that you recognise the music...

    I think this movie recommendation thing is the goods. A thread should be started or something similar. I rented this movie today called Persepolis, I always found its cover intriguing and I even had a dream about it not too long ago so I thought I'd finally check it out. No idea whether it'll be any good or not.
    There's Hold 'em Poker in the game room?? I would but I'm at work and the computers are a bit limited - the gameroom doesn't load up. Next time I'm at home if we're both on.
    Studerer musikk vitenskap i oslo, så jeg er der ganske ofte. Når det gjelder tilholdssted så er vel det 1 times tid unna:) Enn du?
    Lyst til å snakke norsk faktisk:) jeg foretrekker engelsk som språk. Synd jeg er så dårlig til å snakke det:/

    Hvor i Norge er du fra?

    (fikk bare lyst til å snakke norsk med noen her. Kom ikke på noe bedre å si desverre...)

    Anyways, thanks for making it possible!
    Thank you walfin:) If I get to know you better at this forum, I might get the chance to throw a suiting compliment to you as well:)
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