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  • I like to plant uncommon words into the other's mind but not using it in another way. I'm happy if they can understand that uncommon word or I can explain them, and they begin to use it, improving their vocabulary.

    But I found it more interesting to use common words as they've never heard before and paint with them a whole new picture. I can see the colours of words, and I'm really interested in my own connections. Sometimes I don't even know, what kind of associations I have, just when I say these words out. It's lovely, because you can express yourself in a really unique way and can play at the same time. Of course, this will be harder to understand, so it works as a filter too.

    In this way words loose their meanings, definitions and bodies, and you can learn they don't even exist or not the way you've learnt before.
    morning: 8 °C and 8 km/h wind
    afternoon: 19 °C and 9 km/h wind
    evening: 13 °C and 9 km/h wind

    night: 4 °C and 9 km/h wind

    Sunrise at 6:57.
    Sunset at 19:49.

    Don't forget your coat.
    xD It is a useful word. And yes! You might think of it as a revolt of a kind. A group of people fighting for an idea.. Shoot one, but the entire thing doesnt die off. It'd be like, pressing forth, in hard brush strokes; you see the end of some strokes. But something still gets to the destination.

    Oh now there are some really interesting ones in my english book. -sigh-
    You can see detail, but I argue it's still very much like a floating memory. Nothing but what matters is distinct; the missing parts are readily filled in by the imagination to be whatever one wants to see in them.

    19th century opium den? O__o well now that sounds interesting. And yes! A vague image left for you to fill in the blanks, basically. And I love it when they try to do people, but dont quite put recognizable irises in the eye, or define the lips.. They'd be smudges, and whatever your imagination inserts into them is what you see and love about it.. I'd argue that any image stored in your mind is just that! Nothing but a bunch of colored smudges. ^^
    Hrm? No you just look like a complete hippy. Hahahah.

    Yes I am disregarding all of my criminological theories that preach not to judge on appearance, but reaaaalllly. That picture in particular is just like... so incredibly stoned.

    See also: The Netherlands.
    I once had to write a long essay on moral panics that had heavy references to drug use and the marijuana panic.
    It's been ages, but if I ever have to do anything drug related again, I'm using your picture in it somewhere.

    Oh its really a thing? o__o just threw a name out. xD
    And oh damn. that's really beautiful.. The whole shiny streets by putting white into it is seriously nice.
    yeah, impressionisms always been really cool. :P
    There can definitely be some ontological ambivalence between almost mutually exclusive ideas; appearances are not always reality. For instance, there are some rather randy priests out there who have quite an appetite for little chaps. Well, I didn't say a saint, I said you looked like a saintly visionary, which could be equally true of Hitler and the Pope John Paul the Second. :cat:
    Dude you look like this saintly visionary or a pimp or something in that picture. The graininess and coat make your avatar look like a Deep Throat era tickle film.
    You look quite comfortable and pimped out. I trust that you returned from that party sober though, in full control of your faculties. :cat:
    Seriously though, is this implosion? I hear you could use a drink.

    You're in luck!

    Bullshit right? Okay, well...I've got a really good Scotch sitting around just begging to be broken open.
    Sweet Jesus, what has God done to you? You haven't... Fallen in love or something have you? :P
    Wait, wait, I thought of an exception! :P I love improvisational finger/ hand drumming. In hindsight I should have taken to percussion (;
    The poker went well. It was in the form of a 10-man tournament game and I came second. I have tried online poker since but I'm not as good. I started with 10 dollars and got it to 60 but it started dwindling for a while and I'm near where I started now.

    I think it's because in live poker I find it a lot easier to bluff and read cues. For example, I knew the people I was playing live were beginners but had played enough to know some of the basic 'tells', so I used that to my advantage. Like, I remember forcing in my chips on a good hand as if to say "I'm bluffing" knowing they would think strength was weakness, one guy went all-in with air and I called him out.

    All I can seem to do in online poker is make sure I'm playing consistently so I show less tells. But any advice you have on online play would be appreciated. I doubt I will go back to it for a little bit as it doesn't seem to be to my strengths. I'd be interested to know what your general strategy was (:
    haha, it's ok, I wasn't much into film until earliar this year - I didn't even know who Stanley Kubrick was until then :P I hope you enjoyed Elephant Man if you watched it. I havn't actually seen Blue Velvet, though if I assume correctly I think it's a noir film isn't it? I havn't seen Mulholland Dr. yet either but apparantly it's frequently voted the best film of the 00's so I guess it's meant to be good :P

    As for Taxi Driver, you're probably right I havn't seen it in years, I think I just liked the mood of it. I think Brazil is my favourite De Niro film, but he doesn't have a very big role in it. I will be sure to check out "once upon a time in america" when I can though (:
    Ah, I'm sorry to hear about that, condolences to your family and all.

    re:improvisation. I listen to a lot of improvisational music so there's no real reason why I wouldn't like playing that way. The main reason is that I'm not a very experienced musician - I know a lot of different modes and am ok at composing in solitary, but I havn't had much experience playing with other people. Trying to keep in time with others is daunting enough, let alone going free-style :P I appreciate what you're saying though, music is a really strange language, in itself it's so abstract and distant from nature, yet when we hear it can produce the deepest of reactions.
    Haa, a lot of questions :P I did climb Everest Basecamp, yeah. It's not quite Everest as it's a commercial route and it only goes up to 5500m rather than 8300m which is the summit. It was a really good trip though, I have a few pictures on my profile under "Nepal", there's a larger folder on my facebook profile I think.
    I've signed up to do Kilimanjaro next Summer, so I'm definitely not going to give up hiking anytime soon (;

    As for films and comics, it kind of depends on what you like :P Most on this forum, who read graphic novels, would probably recommend Watchmen and Neil Gaiman's Sandman, and they're both good. I'm not a comic buff, but I've been reading more recently. As for films, my favourite director is probably David Lynch (Elephant Man, Mulholland Dr., Eraserhead). I think most INTPs would appreciate the Elephant Man, but it depends. I had a look at the films you have listed on facebook and I don't know very many of them so I'm not sure what to recommend based on that :S
    That's probably a good attitude to have in Poker, though I'm not sure. It would make you less likely to turn down good hands on account of not wanting to risk losing money. On the other hand it could swing against you :P

    I was afraid you might say this. It sounds like the only way to learn is to put in some money and just try the lowest stake games. I find out today whether I get more weeks on this job (it's a temporary thing and I'm in my last week) if I get it I might put some in.

    Ah, was it improv Jazz then? I hate improvising (I play bass guitar) but then I don't play with many people either.
    Ouch, you say 2k like it's nothing, that would pay my rent for most of the year :P What did you start on to get to that? I'm not quite sure what middle stakes are though, what are beginner stakes usually?

    Do you think you can learn much about poker outside of cash games? The few non-cash ones I've played online just seem to be filled with people that go all-in on every turn, which just makes it all luck and no fun.

    I went to a jazz festival last weekend (: I hope you enjoyed playing, I got the impression from songs you had posted before that you mostly play in the variant metal genres. As for me I don't do much, I'm a student in the summer break before my last year. I'm employed doing data-entry which is ok just a bit dull. Other than that I'm just reading comics, watching films and getting ready for a few things next year :P

    I think it's safe to call me a beginner really. I have played Hold'em a fair few times but it's just games here and there, so I havn't got much 'poker wisdom' so to speak (; When I went to Nepal for a few weeks we used to gamble for chocolate bars and soft drinks playing poker (as there wasn't much of it there and we all had sugar crashes :P)

    I thought I'd read you say you made a grand (1000) out of poker online? In my books any money suggests you must be good :P

    Glad you're well though, what are you up to these days?
    Hey Kantor, say someone wanted to get better at poker would you have any advice for them? :P I've been roped into a cash game (not that much, lol) in a week and I want to prepare :P

    How are you doing anyway? (:
    There's a little bird in my head telling me how I should be living my life constantly. It's annoying. Apart from that, no birds. I really adore parrots. They are quite intelligent for birds. I once had this great white cockatoo sit on my shoulder. It was like: oh shit, big m.f'ing solid bird grasping my feeble shoulders with very powerful talons.....it was awesome. I generally tend to prefer observing the feather balls. Stalking with the benefit of not having the stalkee accusing you of being creepy. They just fly off.

    Still living with your folks, o_O....you must be itching to get out of there. You are a music student, right? (Another result of my stalking tendencies.....). How far are you into your studies? I've listened to some of your samples, you're talented.
    I'm just curious, where did you originally find my painting (of the beached ship) before you used it as your wallpaper?
    I will!

    (I also must say you're one of my favorite posters. Your posts tend to be a little more down-to-earth than most. It's refreshing. :) )
    You know I'm not an INTP, yes?
    I feel like I say this every day.

    But you are kind of right.
    He told me it was over but then
    he changed his mind because
    he thinks I'm great or something.
    And also; your advice is bad because
    we didn't end our relationship.
    Turns out my associate plays on pokerstars, which I do have an account with but can't remember my login info. Once I found out earlier that he was on Pokerstars and not Full tilt, I sort of procrastinated myself out of the game tonight. I've probably been playing Xbox for the last 5 hours straight.
    Oh well, we'll get another game going soon, though the time zone thing is an issue we'll have to work out.
    There's a chance I may be on full tilt tomorrow evening--well, Saturday evening Central U.S. time--with an associate of mine from work. If you want to play, I could message you when I do get on.
    Just a college thing. And i hear that the girls are usually really hot and put out. hahahaha. Anyway, what are the views of drugs there? How high is the price for weed there?
    *Shakes a fist at you while holding his head and blinking at the light*

    Dammmmnn you.
    Thanks for the book link by the way - looking forward to reading it. I follow all these poker players on Twitter these days and old Texas Dolly is a champion. How'd you get an electronic version of the book though?? Are there e-versions of other poker books as well?
    I was but I forgot your username so didn't look you up - I crashed out about 10 minutes after messaging you anyway, it was pretty late over here.
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