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  • Your visual sensitivity never ceases to amaze me. Where on earth do you find such wonderful images? I like the manifestation, Lyra. I hope she sticks around.
    "The forum has long hardened to the kind of sensitivity which was suited to you expressing yours."

    I'll respond to Auburn if you wish to call me by that, though the name feels somewhat foreign now. The name symbolizes so very many investments I've made, many of which I feel were fruitless and under-appreciated.

    With every mention of the name, I feel they petition for my return. I cannot possibly reply to them in the way they expect me to any longer, because I am no longer the same.
    You seem different - by different, I mean totally unlike anyone I've ever interacted with - I wonder how you behave outside this realm.
    [Note to visitors].

    I won't be around for a while. Those who have other means of contacting me: I won't be logging into those accounts, either.

    See you in a few months, perhaps.
    Oh wow, that's great - always nice to meet another MA! My main practice is Qin Na
    I envy your position being able to combine martial arts + philosophy. Was a path I once wanted to tread.
    Wish you all the best. Enjoy!!!
    Saw that you mentioned you practice Qi Gong. May I ask; any specific branch?
    I spent a year in HK, but mainly for external application
    Ah, the ultimate map of philosophy. I wasn't aware somebody had replied to my post there, it went pretty much ignored, and I got bored of the thread soon after.

    One day me or somebody else will make it. It is long overdue. Detailed explanations are best for lengthy tomes, but an instantaneously graspable, intuitively navigable, synthetic, all-encompassing, open-ended and extendable birds-eye view would be a monumental achievement.

    I'm pleased that my words were not spent in vain.
    "I keep experiencing spontaneous fits of ecstasy whenever I see your name and avatars." If everybody was like this I'd be set up for life. Of course, I'd also be bored to death of it...

    I've no idea what you're talking about with that nodes thing, to be honest.

    I shall continue to observe and be thoroughly amused by you.
    how old are you lyra? oh I see 19.

    You are a bright kid. Listen to a bit of advice? Dont be over confident to such a degree that you get in over your head.

    Some of your thoughts on demonic possession scare me for your safety. You are getting into some bewildering ideas especially for someone in their youth.
    We are our representation, and nothing else (let's face it, it's easy to say otherwise over the internet).
    You & I are going to have some very interesting conversations.
    After I've had some sleep.
    Thank you :-).

    Yes, I am British. I live in London at the moment (I'm studying Philosophy and Logic, officially. But I spend all of my time tripping on my own ridiculous brain. Honestly, I envy people who can come down after the drugs wear off.)

    How about you?
    Welcome to the forum. :)
    From where do you hail from? Your writing style looks very British.
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