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    (Note : Obviously the earth isn't perfectly in equilibrium, but I think you know what I mean by equilibrium, a definition that implies that both movements and accelerations are possible in an equilibrium state)

    As to the universe, that would imply a boring state of repitition... But this repitition could be on any timescale, and for some reason I get this feeling that conciousness cannot exist in a universe that is in equilibrium, but I cannot pinpoint nor explain why. I guess that means i'm going mad.
    I don't want to derail your welcome, so I'll poke you here. I'm glad you honestly took the time and effort to reply, thanks!

    I see equilibrium more as a stable state (possibly metastable). What I mean by this state will not change until something disrupts this equilibrium (which implies adding energy to it, disrupting the equilibrium!)

    This means that, for example, a harmonic oscilator, but also the moon circling around the earth, the earth circling around the sun, the earth circling it's own axis and many other examples are equilibrium states. They're moving, but their total energy and free energy (thus entropy) are constant. While the universes total energy is constant, it's free energy (or again, entropy) is not. Perhaps I should rephrase my question to : would life, and perhaps consience at constant entropy be possible?
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