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  • Maybe when other media gets you bored, I think you would appreciate all the analysis of workplace dynamics and their political implications. You could probably offer some angles from your own workplace environment. I think the video outlines the core change in our society very well.
    Interestingly with the piano I took lessons from a colleague who graduated from the SF Conservatory in classical guitar. He just said "well you go figure out how to play the piano", and then we spent all our time talking about interpretation, lol ... it worked surprisingly well. The technical bits seem a little intimidating to a single line instrumentalist, but since the lessons were all on interpretation (of the Bach Inventions I was working on say) then I just figured out what I needed.

    I conducted for years and so thought I knew interpretation but he was a master. I had worked with big names before (was attached to the SFSO scene) but learned more from him then any, and for piano it was invaluable. But I really need to focus on my sight reading, my 'finger vocabulary' is probably still too small.

    Anyhow, yeah the midi-in to Sibelius doesn't work very well in my experience unless you play like a robot. Maybe it's better now.
    I learned to improvise and transpose on the spot in paid performances. Not my favorite way, but it made me learn fast. Where did you start with piano? I think I would like to attempt learning again...

    You can hook a keyboard up to Sibelius and it will write down what you play for you. Quite handy for someone who can play.
    I always envied the piano players in my theory class. They could compose much quicker because they could perform four parts at once and hear it. At least compared to violin. I can play on three strings at a time, but it's not ideal to say the least. Do you ever just play by improvising?

    I have mostly composed for middle school orchestras. I'm better in general at altering compositions than creating original ones. Since my mariachi days my improvising has gotten much better and I was thinking of giving composing a go again. Have you ever used any composing programs? I like Finale and Sibelius. Sibelius seems to be better, but I'm more familiar with Finale.
    I was preparing some long thread about why computer programming is the perfect match for INTPs (it would also link to all the existing forum conversations about it), and know you would probably want to pitch in, but I'm constantly swamped (in a good way: doing great) so I'm not likely to get around to it anytime soon. The main mistake I made as a teenager was wondering if programming was the right choice, instead of just coding something. The experience speaks for itself then and it becomes obvious. But until then you can be stuck on a loop just thinking and rethinking the problem, and I'm sure younger versions of me are going through the same problem.

    edit: also, if it was easy enough to start programming when I was a teenager, it's even easier now. With things like Codecademy you can be coding some basic stuff in a weekend; no previous skills needed, no help from other people. Your entire life can be solved in a weekend if you just give it a chance.
    Hey, nice interview, and also great rant, jesus what a bunch of dangerous fucking retards, even I would know that shit. Also nice to see you write "God damn fucking whore licking dick weeds" adds a little spice to your persona.
    Maybe it's a sign we're getting old :( I share that sentiment often. So I have to challenge myself to stop the boredom...
    Thank you, found it amusing enough.
    Always interesting to observe how people perceive you due to the image you have under your name
    (recall you eluding to something along those lines in a recent thread)
    For example, after your avatar change, I have noticed that I subconsciously view you as having gotten younger...if that makes any sense.
    Architect have you been working with the newest Microsoft development software and Azure? I have been looking for someone as interested as I am in the direction this new development might take. Now i hear Microsoft is working on universal drivers that work on all platforms for windows 10.

    Anyways, what platforms do you develop software for? Do you ever get into hardware or even micro controllers?
    "I just understand the basics, but it's more than enough for my purposes."

    This definitely rings true for me...but I like to understand the basics of LOTS of things. My uncle, a probable INTP, was trained as a civil engineer, but ended up working on Star Wars at one point. He always spoke of engineering as "using canned CAD programs." Didn't seem all that enthusiastic about the job, despite having an excellent grasp of math and theory, but did enjoy reflecting on difficult problems. We've had some interesting conversations about the problems involved in shooting down nuclear MIRVs. :) Fascinating stuff...but as a living, maybe not so much. Thanks for your input.
    "Why would you find other non-software types of engineering boring?"

    To do for a living, not casually as you describe. I also am fascinated with how these things work, and frequently look up or watch shows (e.g. How It's Made) on them. That's different from being a mechanical engineer, which is about running software to manipulate 3D models, trying to figure out how to cram everything into a space too small.

    Though frankly even my interest only goes so far. For example, I've never looked up in detail how jet planes work. I understand the basic physics of jet engines, but more than that isn't particularly interesting as it doesn't add significantly to my understanding. In other words, I've seen young mechanical engineers get into cars and how internal combustion works. I just understand the basics, but it's more than enough for my purposes.
    Thanks a lot for answering this. It's confusing to me because I've always had a fascination with advanced pieces of hardware, whether it be planes, submarines, weapons, even industrial automation (How It's Made), but when it comes to the actual job, I too have heard from other forums that loads of engineers are sensors; basically it's all about ironing out the details on pre-existing conceptual frameworks. Why would you find other non-software types of engineering boring?
    Inquisitor, I'm unable to reply directly to the conversation for some reason. Anyhow to answer your question, from my observations the majority of INTP's interested in the field go into software. No wonder, it seems tailor made for us. I only know one INTP EE who is a close friend of mine. He took a strong interest in how things works (tubed radios and TV's) when he was a kid which explains that. He's also a pretty decent software guy and is actually doing pure FPGA programming presently.

    I've never met an INTP civiil or mechanical, though I've worked with many mechanical and not many civil. Not surprisingly those guys have a strong physical interest. Likewise for chemical which attracts STP types it seems. The job opportunities is overseeing industrial plants (oil, etc) processes.

    So Software first, EE second, with few if any in the others. I'd get bored quick in any engineering other than software.
    Architect, I've been reading your posts and your threads...You say that "engineering" is an excellent career choice for an INTP. By that do you mean exclusively software engineering, or do you also include other kinds under that umbrella like mechanical, civil, aeronautical, chemical, etc.? If you have any threads or particularly juicy posts on this topic, I would be interested...
    Sounds like my INTJ parent buying a motorbike for $5000 for no reason other than liking the idea of riding a motorbike.
    I'm new to this forum and it seems you are seen as a widely respected individual. I've been struggling with my personality type and would greatly appreciate your input. I usually get INTP or INTJ so I started with which temperament I relate to the most (rationals) and I don't want to be repetitige but I would like to your hunch in my type from my post and thread (INTx help). Although I came to a conclusion I don't have the certainty of it so it just constantly nags at the back of my head. I hate being unsure of something.
    Thanks! I had run into PersonalityJunkie before, but I guess I passed it by without too much thought. I'll head back over there and start swimming.
    I want to learn more about cognitive functions because I'm confused about them. You seem to know a lot (without being condescending) on the topic, so I was wondering if you could suggest a good starting point.
    Hmm, That's fair. What would you call it(who) if just in general conversation with someone you notice with certain topics they give off of the vibe of "we are not talking about this" without saying anything and they themselves not realizing they are giving that off.
    yo I just wanted to say that one thing which was nice about the AA thread was reading about you and your family, the way you guys accept each other and work rationally together to support one another for what you are. That's something rare and precious you got going there.
    Sorry if I came off as defensive I just had a feeling that you would pose that suggestion and have been vetting my response for a few weeks now.
    I appreciate you offering your input however and feel we can both learn a good deal from each other. I know how you feel about PMs and have been trying to keep the discussions in a public manner.
    Look forward to further interactions and what you have to say about the index I am working on.
    I took some copious notes and was planning to compile it for my own use regardless.

    I would be happy to post my compilation of relevant and insightful posts, so as to eliminate redundancy and the troll activity. I think you have some pretty keen insights that new members may find useful. I realize not very many people are going to commit to sifting through the ENTIRE thread like I did. So I would like to make that contribution to the community if you were to allow it.

    Reading Drenth's INTP book is how I came to find this forum and honestly without both of them I would not be respirating. When I read the post by someone from INTPc I was floored by how similar our situations were, I had reached the point he had. The thought seed of learning to program has been sprouting ever since and has given me hope. Thank you again.
    I've only known this avatar version of Archie so that may have had something to do with my perception of your writing tone.

    I recently read through all 4000 posts of AA (and a few other threads you started) and was wondering if anyone made an index or a greatest hits thread?

    I really want to thank you for your time and effort on that thread, I found it highly valuable and worthwhile. I hope all is well with Mrs A and Archie Jr.
    Well the new avatar is indeed less threatening than the last one. I hope that you get less enraged posts/PMs.
    I like the Matrixy avatar more :( . Your new avatar is more Gopher-like than Archie-like.
    i know you have allot of theoretical background on MBTI
    my i ask what you to describe the typical INTJ child
    i am not old enough or have encountered that many people to know what it is like from an outside perspective
    I very much like your constellation diagrams. They differentiate and look useful as a start. Do you plan to do any more with them? Bravo INTP!
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