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  • Things go well until I say something insensitive or I act in a way that does not adhere to social rituals. Much like what happened last night. :P
    Depends what type of format you're using, im generally on dark castle fixed, and it sure seems like it;)
    Sorry for cutting you off last night. I know you were enjoying the conversation. However, I have a relationship that I am required to fix, maintain, etc. :P
    I know you weren't putting any value on the number itself. ENTPs generally/stereotypically add (seemingly) extraneous details because they can see where something might be misinterpreted (also, Ne may cause paranoia from seeing too much)
    That is, I merely added "the number isn't a goal to me" because I imagined someome (anyone, evem you) would read that post and go "oh, so youre just after numbers?!?!" However, it was actually extraneous because it wasn't relevant to the actual conversation.

    That was a little look into Ne (+someTi) "paranoia"(I prefer to call it, not wanting to be misunderstood, but it's both.
    I don't want to spam Architect's thread.

    Anyway, the number of people slept with is subjective to people's opinions. Having been with anywhere from 1 to 10 to 100 could be high or low on anyone's scale, I was just saying, I have been with people, but a low number to me. (Not that any number is a "goal," or anything)
    We can skype sometime tonight. I am going out to dinner but I will be back in a couple hours. I will buzz you on skype when we can.

    Alternatively, tomorrow is Saturday and I won't be working so we could easily skype then as well.
    Good to know.

    Thanks for the heads up.

    I will refer to her accordingly form this point forward.

    Like I said I don't know enough about her.
    Sure, I will only be able to type though because I am at work. All discussions have to be work safe.

    Account I use at work: discourseverbatim
    Thanks for your Ti help a lot...ha I'm sort of embarrassed (damn Tert fe) your Ti-dom is very strong.
    I have read your pm. I was just waiting for the prime opportunity to respond. (I just woke up and am about to head to work).

    Don't worry. :P
    Haha. In six hours and ten minutes my exams will be over and I can stop taking my pent up angst out on the forum.
    Because of the sudden escalation in the way the discussion went and the lack of one specific topic.
    I just read your conversation with own8ge, I don't really have a valid response to what I read. Confusion is probably the right word.
    Ooh actually I just read that he doesn't believe in an objective reality. All loonies are stubborn, maybe because their experience and understanding of reality is so twisted, that the opposing argument just doesn't make sense or doesn't fit, in the twisted understanding of world. Well I was just trying to avoid the word loony, it has it's baggage.
    I knew s0cratus was stubborn? i guess. But I have yet to read anything by own8ge that's crazy. I just assume that people are logical until, the few circumstance when I'm, proven wrong.
    Yes, after he discarded my whole post for just being my opinion, it daunted on me. I wonder what it is, he seemed like he could use logic fine in other threads.
    Sadly, no.

    Guess it comes down to a matter of phrasing, word choice etc, but I'm not a personal linguistic stylist. Or if I was, I'd be charging an arm and a bucket of gold :D

    But it's not 'harsh' that you give off; it's officious, pompous and pedantic. I don't know how you do it! Maybe you're trying too hard.

    Before you think that's a terminal or unwarranted diagnosis, remember you have alot of years ahead to stuff up and learn to be wrong. I'm still working on it, so I can't tell you how. It just happens.
    To let you know, I deliberately used the word 'discussion' rather than 'debate', because I wanted to leave more possibilities open and be inclusive of ranging points of view with no correct answer, than to have the thread become a very specific, point-scoring endeavour of asserting correctness. Just so you know you're err... sailing close to the boundary there.
    Because I'm still a teenager. My parents make that decision until I'm 18. I also don't know how easy it would/will be to transfer from one lifestyle to another.

    :) It is published in Kuwait or UAE, I think. They're on the coast. No excuse!

    Orthodox Judaism has nothing to do with location, it is about your level of observance of the laws. Orthodox Jews are the most observant, Conservative Jews observe the laws that they think pertain to this day and age, and Reform Jews... I don't know much about them. They are the least observant. I am Orthodox, but I find Conservative Judaism to be most appealing. They follow the laws that make sense. For example, there is a law that you cannot touch wine that a non-Jew has used. This is because s/he may have used it as a libation to an idol. That doesn't really apply anymore, and I find it ridiculous that I have to follow it. Conservative Jews don't.

    I am learning Arabic in school and Aljazeera is great for me to practise. My one complaint is that it is not very organised – there is a lot on each page and it's hard to tell where you are.

    The Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel like to keep to themselves. They're reserved, not aggressive. The most prominent intra-Judaic tensions in Israel right now are probably the debate over whether the Ultra-Orthodox should be obligated to serve in the IDF (Israeli Defence Forces). I personally think they should not because a disloyal soldier is the last thing you want in your army. There are other things as well, such as the settlements, but I'd recommend doing research on that on your own. I don't want to mislead you. BTW, I don't live in Israel, so it's not a sore point. It's a good question, and I appreciate your asking for information instead of making uniformed opinions. If you decide to research the issues, I'd recommend looking at both sources like http://www.aljazeera.net/portal and http://www.bbc.co.uk/ as well as http://www.haaretz.co.il/ (click "Haaretz.com" in the top right for English) and http://www.jpost.com/.

    incisive means precise and sharp. Not in a harsh way. It's like intellectual incisors.
    Yeah, I'm actually an Orthodox Jew. But I not the stereotypical "black-hat" type. And teohrm's description of Jews is totally off. We do not vehemently hate outsiders – at least I don't, and I don't know anyone who does.

    You said "incisive." I didn't want to take your word. I suppose I meant cold, not harsh.

    Well-said re own8ge. But the jugular is more fun than the nuke. The femoral makes for the same effect as the jugular, but it will take longer for people to notice it if you leave the body in the alley. And it's more difficult and subtler than a nuke. That's why I'd personally prefer my method, although yours is more guaranteed.

    The "blanket" trick is something my mum taught me when I was studying for a test in year 3. In Judaism, there are different blessings for different food categories. Some are specific (to veggies, fruits, etc), and some are like "blanket" blessings that you can theoretically use on all foods. I always really like that idea, and how it could apply to so many other things.

    Sorry to get off topic:

    Step 1) Count to 10 first. It actually works. If it doesn't, keep counting until your head is cleared – to 100 if necessary.

    Step 2) Keep being angry. When you put a clear head with a bit of anger, you will get the "sharp" effect that you are looking for.

    Try this on a certain recent guest to your message board – it's long over-due. As I'm sure you've realised by now, his arguments are full of holes. He should be easy, and you can practise the cool-headed anger trick.

    How do I do a conversation? Please help/let me know if I am doing this right.

    We already know that ApostateAbe is racist and sexist. It's nice to know that this bothers someone else – it looked like people were agreeing with him in that thread.

    He really gave ample opportunity for someone to ruin his thread. I pretty much looked at his first post the way I said in mine: he was stating his opinion as truth, but he had so many "all," "never" and "I believe" in there that it wasn't very difficult to ruin each of his statements (eg "women are subservient to men,") by pointing out that his "blanket statement" ("this is all the truth") had to be false. If you ever need to do this, just disprove the "blanket statement" and the other statements will lose their cover (they were hiding under the "blanket").

    ApostateAbe made this very easy because of his word-choice. It will usually be more difficult.

    Does that make sense?

    Well, kind of random. Plus, I've already been doing that... *shrug*

    What I need is sleep. An older member on another forum who understands my situation told me I need to let up and give my body room to rest, and I think she is right. I'm trying too hard right now.
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