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  • Glad you haven't left us. INTPs are a quiet lot and easygoing in my experience. Don't take our silence as a reprimand so much as the sound (or non-sound rather) of mental engines spinning in the mud. :)

    As I look at the background of your picture and see all the stuff lying around I think to myself, "you're like me". :o
    ah... we're a melodramatic bunch really. ;p

    As for life evolving... well... it does that, and an equal dose of devolution, but really I can only credit apathy.

    Hope your home is happy. :)
    Never realised it was on Thanksgiving, I've only celebrated it once with American friends.

    I appreciate your concern; a lot of internal changes are happening at the moment - but none of them are shown outside. I know that I'll develop naturally though, and to rush is to waste time. I'm just letting things take their own course.

    Happy upcoming birthday to you too!
    Sorry I've got some pretty explosive diarrhoea (decided to dine a mite longer than appropriate at Your Mom's Hottest Curry) so I haven't quite got my finger on the trigger yet...but it'll blow over soon enough, and kabooms will be made before you can say "not that button!".

    I've hardly been around myself, so it didn't really sink in that there had been a drama.

    It's just good to know you're here.
    oh smart! Yes my daughter is ENFP and would pick that sort of thing up while it'd go way over my head lol
    I was looking through your page because I related to your actions at age 20 in this thread, and then I realised that your birthday is three days after mine.

    (After realising that, I wanted to write on your wall. However I had no idea how to do so without appearing intrusive and silly. Sorry if that's how I come across.)
    Congratulations Aunt Jenny! (I too am an Aunt Jenny, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.)
    Good idea! Maybe I can go with being 29 from here on out. I haven't gone grey yet so perhaps I could pass...

    You are greatly appreciated here so don't you ever leave! *gets all clingy*

    I like the age spectrum too, we just need more who remember what it was like growing up without the internet :D to balance it out. (assuming you weren't so tech advanced as a child to have one of those old modems where you had to use a corded phone on a Commadore)
    I'm glad you stayed. Our unteen forum members are our foundation. This place would be entirely different if not for aged insights like yours. And I mean this in the best way possible. :)
    Yes, inconsistency is troublesome.

    I was thinking of an exploding present, they're all the rage.
    Hahaha I had a feeling you'd be back.. for some reason my intuition told me that any forum member who cares enough to write out a farewell thread wouldn't really want to leave.. the ones who actually leave would probably do so silently. An assumption, but still! I could tell you cared about the place.. and it's pretty painless to check from time to time, if not post. I have to admit that I'm probably on here way more than I need/should be, but there's no where else to go!
    2 things: 1) Are you officially back? I thought you were done with this place? 2) I like the organization of your room, truly INTP. :)
    Congratulations! That's exciting. I just saw your new user title before I read this and wondered if it was real or related to a thread! Have they chosen a name?
    Well, I'm glad I did a good job...er.

    Anyway, it's good to see you seem to be feeling more positive! Thanks for being open about this. I think you handled it very well. Your immediate reaction was tempered by reflection - nice to see. :)

    I'll be more careful in future!
    Oh god. I'm so sorry. I was acting in the spirit of the thread. Trolls mix a lot of factual, situational truth with their bullshit. I thought the other trolling attempts were far too obvious, and would have no real impact.

    I'm really sorry for making you cry. I did /not/ hope or expect to elicit that sort of response from anyone. I actually do respect you and your opinions a lot. The negative comments were typical troll trash, turning the community on itself, replicating the same behaviour it's railing against, etc.

    Good god. I wish I could send you some sort of present to make up for it. I'm really sorry.
    Dear Jennywocky,
    I wish you were about here more. Personally, your words have my full attention whenever I come across them on the forum... And I do remember once doing a read-through of most of what you'd written in the past that I hadn't yet seen...

    When I saw what you mentioned to LoR, I thought it was pretty important to let you know the other side of what's really going on. I think you're adored here a lot more than you realize... (I can think of two or three people in particular who're also in the adoration boat...) just quoting, response, and engaging is somewhat lacking... I think it happens to be true of everyone. So many people write posts, then scrap them while afraid to commit and say something possibly embarrassing...
    You work in a programing environment? Let me know if they're hiring in 2 years or so! I'm just a junior now, but I'll have my B.S. in Computational Physics and a Computer Science minor, both from CMU. I really want to get a job where I can move around freely and work from home, and computers/programing seems like a really good way to do that.

    Sleep well (though the night's over, of course). I'll be sure to let you know if we ever actually get our acts together and plan the trip.
    yeah, between Reading and Philly. I'm really like 2 (small) towns over from center city, but the traffic gets really congested when you get near downtown, so it takes half an hour or so to get to 69th street or anywhere fun. If you're staying on the highways it's like 20 minutes to the airport. Reading is about an hour of straight-highway driving.

    Sorry to hear that, about the salary pay. I've heard many-a-lawyer complain about salary pay, lol, because once you're stuck in it, they can work you pretty much any amount. Apparently wage-work tends to be a lot better off for the employee. The accounting screw-up sucks equally. Like you said, it was their fault. Maybe less so if you were the one reporting your hours and it were in your contract, though... they probably could have fired you easily enough.
    normally, I'm about 30 min. west of Philly. So yeah... MD is like an hour and a half away. School is excellent, though tiring. I'm taking 4 Physics courses (all upper-level now) and 2 Comp Sci ones, so the technical stuff is rough after a while.

    I think I've actually seen you over at Typologycentral... you have so many posts!

    Anyway, word of advice: working overtime (nights, weekends) without pay is *very* illegal (my dad's a lawyer), and the company could get in huge trouble for it if anyone found out. I think you have a couple years to file a complaint, or whatever, but if you asked them for the pay, saying it was owed to you for the work, they would probably pay it just to avoid a lawsuit.

    Good luck with the family and the moving :)
    heya jenny :). *waves back*

    You haven't been around here for a while.... at least that I've seen. What've you been up to?
    I hated the movie. I found the Silk Spectre's character utterly obnoxious. However I've found a torrent for the comic, which I'll begin reading quite soon. I'm quite excited. :D
    I still haven't read Watchmen. I need to get around to it considering it's practically legendary.
    oh... and I must admit most of the recent work around here has been done by our inspirational Ragnar.

    Can't say that I've read Gavin de Becker...
    ah... that exclusion thing happens in our minds long before anyone else ever judges us. Curse it.

    Your posts were always perfect and your presence welcome, from my point of view

    I shall have to pm if if you want a true account of my recent insanities. ;)
    I like your signature. V for Vendetta (the comic & film) is one of my favorite stories of all time.
    Nice to see you around again.

    I feel like I somehow abandoned a conversation we were having quite some time ago...
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