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  • Hmm, I thought you were putting up a new profile pic.
    You know, of some tall Irish guy who wears a lot of green. ;)

    Regardless... I'll post this on your profile so that I know you've seen it:
    Where are you!

    I'm being attacked by Devils in the Tasmanian wilderness and they've eaten my internetz!

    Refuse to partake...in...free...candy...?!
    I love Halloween - if only for the fact that it is free candy, and that you can act strange without anyone watching you. Well, sometimes :p. On top of that, chocolate is incredibly cheap after Halloween passes :D.

    Well, I have been on MSN, but you're never on (:( for the second time). School is pretty good in terms of how interesting my courses are - but until I get my exams back I won't know how I'm doing academically ;). Fortunately, I'm on a bit of a break now (three days off to do a presentation at a conference) after pulling three all-nighters last week...

    How's university for you? I hope it's been going better than your first day...

    Edit: wow, it must look like I've got some sort of personality disorder, what with all those smilies...
    By coming out of the sensor closet I meant my own realization that I'm actually an ISTP.

    I'm planning on teaching in Japan next year so that's why I'm learning the language. I don't think many people know Irish over there so I doubt it would be of much use to me.
    I was afraid that you were ashamed of me ever since I came out of the Sensor closet.

    I'm already trying to learn Japanese and if I start on Irish I think my head will explode.

    Hm, I've heard that Powerade rot's your insides, better to go on something a bit weaker.

    *hands Melkor a bottle of Jameson*

    It may rot your insides as well but at least you won't feel the pain.
    And here I was thinking you didn't love me anymore.

    I can barely read two words of Irish so it's not all that much use to me. If you're trying to learn the language, it could come in handy though.

    Hey, is it a bad sign when you're gasping for a glass of whiskey at eleven a.m.
    I figured a change would be appropriate, seeing as how Halloween is just around the corner :smiley_emoticons_mr

    Yeah, I haven't had much time to spare recently - although I think that's going to change now (as I just wrote the majority of my midterms this week) so hopefully I'll be able to not pay attention in classes once again :).
    Forum culture seems to have gotten better, don't you think? Some stubborness, some zombies and voilà. :)

    M'afraid I've only got brain pies right now. You want some?
    Hello little boy, I just came to tell you that:


    SO THERE. </3

    ps.Your avatar is ugly. :(
    Sex and/or the right hand also encourages thinking, so I've heard. Still waiting on a few components to do the proper lab work myself.
    You know... it's been bugging me...

    I think "spreader" should be "spweader" in keeping with the charming lisp of "scawiness"...

    Oh christ... I've left Adaire here all this time holding the sword...


    You're meant to impale him, my dear! All the more so if he wriggles!
    you're never on MSN when I'm on! :(
    though I guess the same applies to you :P
    Oh yes, I would like a pretty bow. Thank you. *takes bow and fixes it in her hair*

    You do realize that if you hunt me...I will run. Then again, I am the source of your pain and suffering so I deserve it.
    Mate your You know you're an Intp when... thread is classic. I actually cannot believe how close your top ten is to being me. I doubt i could have written a better description of myself.
    ...Well,it's still technically a furry costume, even though it's not literally furry.
    He says Sephiroth like a little angel...

    So now you have absolute power over the destiny of obscenely beautiful people... what more could you wish for?

    (And I hope you have to speak - so everyone can hear your sexy voice. :P)

    *sends Adaire round to a certain street in Belfast...* ...it took some wrangling, but she's dressed as Cloud...*

    edit: errr... Fukyo... wouldn't that be a Dolphin Slippery costume?

    Love, Fukyo. :)
    [back in her icy palace snowqueen pops the lock of hair into liquid nitrogen, then shatters it into tiny pieces which she grinds into dust. Putting the precious dust into a tiny jewelled box she thinks to herself, 'now where can I sprinkle my Melkor Dust to create mayhem and chaos'?]
    Yeah, no problem.

    I want your heart, soul and mind to be there when you do respond! :P

    So yeah, no rush; take weeks, months, or whatever, and when you do find yourself with the time and interest to respond, do so.

    (I was nagging you because I thought you simply forgot rather than not having time and etc.)
    Hate aspiring?

    I guess... if a thing can aspire to hate...


    Where is that puny piglet? Why does he not come be skewered on the sword of Sephiroth?
    Ah, I wasn't actually being sarcastic when I wrote the whole thing about Ireland being the greatest Island. I feel quite stupid for not realizing that Ireland is made up of two separate countries.

    I'm not worried about getting caught. I've escaped from the police once before and I was even drunk then. Of course that was the Irish police, after chasing me for less than a minute they just gave up.
    I don't know if Ireland is the best country but it's definitely the best island.

    If you want to prove your patriotism to Eire then meet me on top of Westminster on Oct 5th with a dozen bottles of whiskey, three kilograms of Semtex and one of those cool Zippo lighters with a wolf on it.
    *walks in with a friend to cheer Melkor up*


    IB, you parody of porcine lust! Leave sweet Melkor alone or face the wrath of Sephiroth!
    Yeah I'm old, but only the good die young which means I will live another century!

    You, are not good (at anything....... except pretending to be bad). No one will dispute that, but you aren't bad enough to live as long as I. My hatred is perpetual and it fuels the fires of my seemingly immortal soul. I scoff at your feeble attempts manchild.

    You put me in mind of a young prince, so eager to smite his father's enemies and yet unable to lift a sword. All bluster, no luster for muster.
    XD Which officially makes us the best country on the planet?

    yeah, I know, but I suppose everyone has to have a certain amount of appreciattion for their surroundings, after all, they're formed from them, aren't they?

    I approve of your signature by the way, I was just refering to your comment.:P
    Are you talking about my signature or what I said about Ireland.

    For the former: There's nothing wrong with being negative, I just thought that your self-pitying ramble was quite funny and I needed a new signature.

    For the latter: I'm just trying to show you that Ireland isn't any better than England (of course it is), it's just different. You shouldn't think of it as some sort of Mecca, Ireland is just as fucked up as the next country, the only difference with us is that we sort our problems like men, by drinking ourselves into a coma.
    Yeah, overall hugs kind of suck.

    But massages are fantastic. I wish there was more massaging in the world.
    So much for ignoring me! You liiiiiiike me, you liiiiiiiike me, you just caaaaaaaaaan't admiiiiiiit it.

    [snips off a lock of Melkor's hair and runs off]
    Ah! You got me...
    Alas, alack, my fiendish ruse has been uncovered! I shall have to retreat to the darkest recesses of the internet to hide (or am I there already?)

    I am joking, of course :P But I think I'll try and get IRC working - are you on that often?
    There's plenty of negatives about being Irish as well. Our politicians our simpering idiots, the Irish attitude is a very negative one and as my brother always says "we're all a bunch of chancers" so if getting by means leaving the country in a mess we'll still do it.

    Unfortunately I don't have a sexy Irish voice, I spent my youth watching American and English t.v. and I now have a bastardized accent.

    I like being a man of mystery and if I went on snapvine it might ruin part of that image.
    That does sound rather unfortunate...if there's one thing about university I don't like, it's the bureaucracy/running in circles that one has to do for anything. It's infuriating sometimes, so I know exactly what you're talking about. At least you missed the 'intro' day... :P How are your classes, anyhow?

    On the nature/nurture topic - that's a great comparison/way to think about it, actually...that you're born into specific circumstances but you will have different experiences which will 'change' you in variable amounts; furthermore, one has some control over what's absorbed, but not complete control.

    And thanks for understanding about MSN...(sorry, though).
    I think you've got the advantage in being Northern Irish. You've got the rich cultural heritage of England's chip butties and Ireland's random aggressive drunkenness.
    If you act like you really really like it I'm sure they'll stop the poking.

    I think it's a control issue. Once you find someone that you really want to hug and hug them on your own terms I think it'll be alright.
    Of course you can have a hug!
    *huggles melly* ^^

    Will you be around more often?
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