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  • I've never thought of it that way before - as an extension of "if I can't see or fathom it, then I don't believe it", applied to psychology. I always try to understand people...which is why forensic psychology (especially criminal psychology) appeals to me a lot.
    How about silvery red with a hint of green? Lilac?

    Wait? She's dead? Ain't no way I'm going near a corpse. They smell and have holes in all the wrong places.
    I was going to respond in full with a visitor message, but I typed too many characters (1337 actually, lol).

    I'll respond in full with a pm instead.
    What does indecency mean? I'm afraid I've never heard that word before, monsieur Melkór...
    that's been mentioned before - how someone's thoughts can't be entirely read from their physical expressions (although it can help in a lot of cases). With regards to Dupin, I think the meaning was to try and 'understand' the other person's psychology and way of thinking, and his facial expression miming was one facet (he 'mind reads' through subtle cues that others miss...well, apparently, because he doesn't really exist :P )
    Nice? We will see. I will make photos then when I know the apartment.

    And yes, hug me please.
    close enough :P I'll be 19 in 751 days.

    I guess? the only milkshakes I've ever had were from mcdonald's...so no idea what a real milkshake tastes like. I'd imagine that they'd be tasty, though.
    Happy? Me? Never. How foolish you are.

    Not that I really care about your postings...
    My mother got ill on holiday and I had to go rescue her from Germany and now she's living with me. You think I'm an old hag????? Ha! She's the mould I was cut from
    heh, thanks for the compliment. I was originally introduced to the MBTI in Grade 11 (three years ago) but didn't care much about it. A few months ago, I started researching it again, and...here I am (after lurking when registration was closed)

    so, yeah.
    hehe I thought I was being quite restrained actually!

    blue skin, large breasts, icy stare - well 3 out of 4 ain't bad

    good to see you back and if you can get Fury back too my life will be complete.
    ...and as the years pass seducer heals his wounds and plots. one day among the darkness of winter, he approaches Melkor's hut of solitude. both sed and melkor in old age, and after decades searching sed found Melkor. entering through one of the many rat holes and past the pickled carcass of lor that melkor kept all these years, sed took his rapier and in one swift movement slit the throat of the grey old Melkor, and before sed left he made sure of melkor's death and once again trekked through the clandestine forests to die in peace and contentment...
    Seducer chases, wielding his Rollover Hotdog with great malice and flying on the plucked wings of Icarus

    oh no I missed your homecoming! hope it wasn't a one off - have to admit I've really missed you.:evil:
    I thought you were dead :rip:
    it's after midnight you obnoxious little child... why don't you go hide under the bed-covers before some nasty monster finds you lurking on the internet?
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