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  • Wow. I'm an idiot.
    I just accidently deleted my message which took me 20 minutes to type:(
    (I had alot to say to the music question :))
    Yes, it can be rather difficult to find people who are not adults, that are willing to discuss anything that is not superficial...*sigh*
    That's why I came to this forum! =)

    I do, I play the violin, though I just now started taking formal lessons, I've been playing it for several years now. I also inherited a piano recently, so I've started teaching myself, and hope to start lessons at some point. Music is an easily accessible and consistent form of release for me =)
    I actually have a ukulele, but it's so horribly out of tune, I hadn't even thought to try it. Perhaps I'll check it out sometime :)
    Indeed! I'm glad that someone else see's this as a topic which deserves discussion. It seems to me that people underestimate it's intellectal merit due to the fact that it's such an emotional soft spot for humans. Which in my opinion, is all the more reason to analyze it :)

    Hello there =)
    Does that instrument happen to be a ukulele?
    I mainly use stumbleupon.com for finding new art. Other than that, I find new artists in galleries and museums, word of mouth, and from art class/talking to art teachers.

    Long live Iron Maiden! :D

    And here are some links:
    YouTube - Street Art: Joshua Allen Harris' Inflatable Bag Monsters

    Can you tell we were bored? XD
    "Ohhh!!! Guitar? What music and art do you like?"

    I keep going all over the place, but for music, I keep coming back to progressive rock and metal, classical, industrial, ambient, classic rock, and some alternative rock/metal. For art, I like installation pieces, modern art along the lines of Anselm Kiefer and Robert Rauschenberg, ukiyo-e, renaissance period drawings (particularly Leonardo Da Vinci), Cezanne, Banksy, photo manipulation (can't seem to remember any names), raku ceramics, just about anything scuplture... I could go on and on.

    If you want any specifics, feel free to ask. I would have put in some examples, but this would be so link-ridden it would be nuts!
    My parents weren't TOO happy about the idea at the time but once they saw how dedicated I was to it and how much the drums meant to me, they started supporting me. I play in my high school's drumline and they always enjoy watching shows and stuff now.

    I've been playing the piano for roughly 10 years but I'm not NEARLY as good as a lot of people I know who have been playing less than that. This happens to a lot of things I've been pretty talented at when I start...eventually I hit a wall and I just can't get much better.
    Oh yeah I completely agree. Before I started playing the drums I NEVER payed any attention to them. I always only heard lyrics and melody but now when I listen to rock all I hear are the drums and the keyboard
    I love music from the romantic period! My favorite composers are Chopin and Liszt and what I'm working on right now is Liszt's "Liebestraum" It's the most beautiful piece I have ever heard!

    I also like to play by ear some of the rock songs of the bands I listen to that have keyboardists/synthists
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