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  • I thought the M83 album was really good. I'm still stuck on Illinois for Sufjan. I haven't even listened to Veckatimest yet.
    Listening to 2 + 2 = 5, really enjoying it :)

    Any other bands you like?

    I just have 3 albums, Kid A,Rainbows,Hail to the thief.
    Mmm, i guess it really isn't.

    Yeah, that's true. In Rainbows is pretty easy to listen to. Generally radio head is easy to listen to, i think. I just got hail to the thief but i haven't listened to it yet. It is good focus music, 15 steps and house of cards help me focus.
    You said it. Hell, even Nietzsche (who I don't particularly care for) said, "Without music, life would be a mistake." I don't know if Helen Keller would agree, but I certainly do.
    Haha that's a great story, I don't actually have an experience tied to Kid A as of yet.. in due time. I've recently gotten pretty obsessed with the actual track 'Kid A' and of course 'How To Disappear Completely'. They're both so outer-worldly and incredible.. they match my melancholy moods magically. In fact, I'm going to play those tracks right now.
    lol sorry to mislead you. But I've only ever been skinny once in my life and I looked dreadful! And I'm half arab. Inside I am my avatar.
    Yeah, I think it's one of those movies you can see multiple times, and get something new out of it each time you watch it =)
    I thought that by now, I would have become accustomed to encountering people who have similiar perspectives to my own, but this is eyrie :)
    I can think of nothing else to say regarding the whole Donnie Darko thing, because you just layed out my entire thought process I had prepared for my reply.

    I find it entertaining that an entire conversation contemplating the nature of the spectrum of human emotions emanated from a simple comment about your avatar =D

    It makes me realize, that despite the loneliness that I am so often plauged by, there are always others out there who have similiar prospects :)
    Yes, I can definatly relate to this. I constantly find myself doubting my every action, no matter how small or unimportant it may be. It's become extremely frustrating, because it's starting to handicap my ability to think clearly.

    I simply don't understand why society feels the need to portray the "perfect" life as one filled entirely with happiness. Not only is it an impossible ideal to live up to, it's not productive. Humans need to experience negative emotions just as much as we need to experience positive ones. Fear, anger, sadness: they help prevent us from doing things that may harm us in some way.

    While negative emotions certainly have their place, I'm extremely envious of my peers who are able to lead such carefree, whimsical lives. Although I know that even they aren't entirely happy.....

    Have you ever seen Donnie Darko?
    Yes, I think that many people are much too quick to categorize things into "good" and "bad", and to shun anything that doesn't bring about "happy" or enjoyable experiences. Which is a very simplistic way of looking at life, or really anything. You can never truly understand something until you've examined it from all angles. I think that alot of people actually don't want to really understand what it means to be a human, because they fear what they will find, which is counter-productive. I think that all humans, (despite weither or not they want to admit it) intuitively know that to be human is to suffer(to some degree) and they still live with fear, they simply don't face it.
    I'm not saying it's pleasant or anything, but it's better then stuffing anything I don't like into a closet in the back of my mind.
    Anyhow, the darker side of the human psyche is were some of the most fascinating art and literature, and even music, has stemmed from.
    When I first joined the forum, I was rather lazy about the whole avatar thing, but after seeing so many interesting ones, I decided I might give it a go.
    I'm not entirely sure what possesed me to choose this one, but I felt very drawn to it. Perhaps it's a bit morbid, but something about the textures and the way it was organized is just very appealing to me. I don't think there's anything wrong with examining the darker sides of the human condition :)
    Interesting avatar :)
    it's slightly disturbing(it reminds me of one of those dreams were you can't speak)
    Yeah, it sucks when you've gone 60k and then get a bad bounce to end it. BTW, I think max height is added to the score. I got up into space flying by little half moons at one point and my distance was under 75k so it must have been added to get the score I got. Catching the colored clouds helps with that if you can get them to shoot you higher up.
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