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  • ANTARCTICA! Nonono this can not do. Quick to the global warming machine! *starts pumping* FASTER MY SLAVES FASTER DO YOU NOT WISH TO HAVE MELKOR AS YOUR OWN!
    Also, you have twice the amount of posts I do, so having double profile views make sense. It also means you are not at all more profile click worthy than myself


    *is actually poison running through your veins*

    *you dont wanna break these chains*
    Hmm? Oh a small fan blog promoting love and peace between forum members. It's really not important though. What IS important is this impenetrable block of ice. Lets move it to the Sahara shall we?
    But But... kitty! *goes to put this in the Blog of forum members as anime and yaoi people under Melkor*.
    Ohhhh, probably not. I think I am a bit too old for such haircuts these days. :'(

    I am ok. Working from home today because assholes at work infected me with their cold.
    Hey! Long time no see. Sadly, I no longer have fantastic silver hair. The hair cut I have now is the same one in the last set of pictures I uploaded in the bearded photo thread.

    How have you been?
    IKR IT'S ADORABLE I'M ABOUT TO TURN FULL TUMBLR! *Hyperventilating* Okay okay, I'm okay... OOOOH you touch my P.N.G, AHH My G.I.F. Total twist on that song....
    Most of the time I've been here you've been in hiding.


    *showers Melkor in dollar bills*

    ... twerk for me.
    Oh tackling crime! That makes so much more sense. I thought you were talking about verbal agreements or something o-o. :O It's too large! (Don't quote me on that... actually you can would be hilarious) And it's a PNG my online resizing doesn't like PNG's! Oh right I could just use push... Okay I won't look forward to them I'll just accept them if they come.
    SEE! Thats what I thought! It's not half cute enough for me. I need to go back to like a cute anime boy :P (or something) He is an amazing character and I second your thoughts..
    Ahh that sounds really interesting. At least from an outside I don't have to do it perspective. xD I find it's good to go to a few nights out. Practicing talking and stuff can actually be useful. Not every night though. Some people just don't stop partying...... and then wonder why they are constantly tired. I do look forward to any videos you make though. You should post them in the new video thread ^^ Talking crime?
    Nice, Placement for? The Fleshy friends? Y-you mean the ones you can eat? I can relate to computer games as well xD. Noooo! I am currently in unemployment and I am starting to have mixed feelings about actually finding work :/ Too much real world can be toxic. Maybe I'm just overly positive but it sounds like things are going well for you. Looking back I see little indication of you mentioning you thinking it was positive though so now I'm confused. Either way I hope things turn out great. Also! I need your advice on my avatar, yay or nay? I was thinking about changing it but everyone seems to like it.
    I'm in top 5 profile views tho so I got that going for me

    edit: melk is actually milk in norwegian....
    Well aand then! yeah market stuff is not what you need to worry about I just put in that it's good to keep options open ^^. Speaking on which has your life been sugar filled? With you away from the forum so much I can only assume interesting things are happening.
    I thought it said mommie. Too fetish 4 me

    I'm obviously hugely dissatisfied with my life and am stuck between wanting to quit my job and money

    Sounds about adult

    *pokes with a banana*
    Heh, Well... some people do! If you shoot for the 0-17 market xD. (the most profitable market) Maybe it's just my preference but I prefer more universal names. (discounting this forum one of course)

    Speaking of silly names I wonder if I can get "Melk" to catch on as Milk replacement. That way it would be Melk or sugar :P
    IT'S IT'S... well if it's just for the older members of the forum it's fine... but it puts you in a position of always being... Melly Jelly.. if you ever did become famous and had talk shows it would be and now welcome... MELLY JELLY. Which while hilarious for bystanders probably would get old.

    Also I totally gave you a pet name! It was... was.... Uhh.. Mel.. Bel? Demon cat that haunts me in my dreams? Something along those lines.
    D= what...
    but i thot i was number six, seven and two.. c.c

    melly, why can't i be your number one again?
    When the post office stops losing all my materials!
    Seriously over $250 already, when the uprising comes they'll be the first to die.

    I'm currently improvising using candle wax, doing a milk frothing nozzle for an industrial design student, hopefully the soft wax won't clog the spindle and if it works well enough I'll go buy some more candles and start milling parts for my delivery drones.

    So what's new with you?
    Let it be known that I was the first to wish you a happy birthday. Which means you kill me last.
    I hate the name Minnie. You offend me by not knowing this much after all those attempt at brutally murdering you
    There is always some minionspawn during the spring. They taste like raspberry when you cook them^^__^^
    lol, you'd be surprised how many Movies use the same tricks. D= it is a little disenchanting to get *behind the scenes* of it all. nowadays i can notice their tricks and it distracts from the movie's fun.

    err, but ya, i totally get the thing about lacking the detail of hand drawing. still getting used to that part myself. the sterile method comes with advantages (speed/control) but disadvantages.

    Some studios such as Studio Ghibli still do it the old fashioned way due to the nuance it preserves. But you gotta have hardcore artists to make it work seamlessly from frame to frame!
    In Illustrator, you can make a rough sketch of something using a regular mouse (via the Pen tool), and it turns the line/shape into points, which you can then move around freely until you have precisely the shape you want. You can then save that img out, and then just drag the points around more to animate it, then save out another img - and so on.

    The advantage of this is that it's much cleaner, and fluid with more control over the shape you're working with. In photoshop it takes erasing, recoloring, and it's generally more challenging to move solid sections. (=
    Nice! ...I remember doing something similar in PowerPoint a while back. Making each slide a fraction of a second, and modifying things slightly by moving the objects. (:

    Photoshop and premiere are good programs. Ums, Photoshop is less convenient for moving objects and more useful for still images such as backgrounds and scenery, from my experience. Do you have the rest of the Adobe Suite at your disposal? Like Illustrator, and After Effects? Illustrator is useful for making more precise drawings and movements in the absence of a tablet.
    ooo, what sort of animation are we talkin' ? traditional? digital/cgi? cgi motion video? still image?

    crayon-drawn flip book?
    Oh yes! And the hospital clowns will read Mr Men books to us in soothing voices before bedtime ^___^

    And there will be kittens. Lots of kittens.
    Here, always waiting. With my arms outstretched, to fall in your arms falling into mine and then we hit the pavement and get hospitalized together.

    It will be a jolly good time! : D
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